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How to choose a Keylogger for Android

Many people have been seen trying to search the net in order to their hands on a good android keylogger. Many of them have stopped their search in dismay of not finding anything authentic online or worth their time.

A keylogger plays the role of helping a person spy or monitor on some else’s phone. It is sort of a hacking feature which is found in some hacking apps or is available individually too. It lets you track whatever the target device is typing on their phone.

This means that if you have installed a keylogger on someone’s device. Anything they type for that time forward, you will be able to monitor and track it. This feature is used by many people to get the password of someone’s social media account or even a bank account.

Such a feature is needed by parents at times. Parents most of the time are unsure what their child has been up to, hence leaving them in the dark. To keep a track on their child, parents install keyloggers into their child’s phone. To get access to the devices passwords and accounts.

A similar case may apply to when a person is suspicious of their spouse. Now, there are many available keyloggers online but most of them turn out to be inefficient. To help you out, I have written this article to brief you about one of the best Android keyloggers.

Using Spyic’s keylogger feature to spy on a device

One of the best Android keylogger app available in the market is Spyic. This hacking app comprises of all the features which are needed by someone to hack and monitor a device fully. This hacking app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Spyic has millions of downloads and loyal users all over the globe. It is considered one of the most reliable and undetectable apps available for both android and iOS. The app uses up minimal battery while syncing with the Spyic cloud to work.

Spyic is about 2MB in size and can be installed within a few minutes. It has a feature in which once it is set-up on the target device, it will automatically delete its app icon. Now, if that’s the case, how would you delete the app if needed?

Well, no need to worry there is also a provision for that too. Spyic has a 1-tap feature located on its dashboard. By which, with a single tap you can uninstall Spyic of the target device. To do this all you have to do is log-in to Spyic site and go to the dashboard.

The features Spyic provides are out of the ordinary. You can access the person’s GPS location, check their messages & call logs, view their gallery. And even access their social media account; i.e. WhatsApp and Facebook.

Spyic has one benefit that all other apps of similar type lack. Spyic doesn’t require users to jailbreak or root the target device, for it to work with ease. This is made possible by Spyic’s unique cutting edge technology.

Spyic has received its fair share of praises by the New York Times, PC World, CNET and even Android Authority. These big brands deemed Spyic a fast and trustworthy app, which will help you monitor any device.

As this app contains the keylogger feature present on the Spyic dashboard. Let us see how you can register for Spyic and use the keylogger feature. This keylogger is considered the best in the market.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use Spyic.

  1. Visit Spyic website, register using a genuine email ID and password.
  2. Purchase a pack, pay for it, confirm via confirmation mail.
  3. Download Spyic on the device, or enter the iCloud credentials (for iOS platforms only).
  4. Open the dashboard on Spyic, you will see it is fully-operative.
  5. Go to the keylogger feature and activate it. It will give you monitoring capabilities which let you spy on the target’s keyboard movement.

That’s how it is done! Other than that Spyic provides many features like geo-fencing and access to social media apps. You can use this hacking app overall to properly monitor a target device.