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Star-Sign Style: Horoscopes and Haute Couture Looks

If you’re a believer in unseen forces and the power of fate, you’ll already know that your star sign has a big impact on your personality and who you are as an individual. With Leos being passionate and Pisces free-spirited, for example, these overarching traits can have a huge impact on your everyday life and the way you live it.

But did you ever stop to consider that this can even extend to your wardrobe? For those who believe in astrology, it turns out that your horoscope can be a major determiner in your favorite haute couture pieces. Here’s what yours says about you and the way you like to dress!


Capricorns keep their style simple and sophisticated. Preferring to opt for comfortable, classic pieces with an on-trend twist, their wardrobes evolve year on year, but they always stay warm, cozy, and elegant.


Aquarians are utterly delightful to be around, but there is a rather intense aspect to their personality. Enjoying having the spotlight on them, it’s important to Aquarians that they always look good; which is why their style can often be rather out-there and eccentric.


Pisceans are free spirits at heart, and they love to add a whimsical element to their wardrobes. Favoring flowing lines and a romantic aesthetic, their closets are filled to the brim with pinks, peaches, and an array of pretty florals.


Arieans are style chameleons, who are able to effortlessly transition from classically elegant looks to street-style cool depending on their mood. Knowing exactly what to wear on any given occasion, their preference is for sleek, streamlined pieces that can be styled in a dozen different ways.


If you believe in astrology, then you probably have faith in the power of clairvoyant readings to give you a glimpse into the future. However, when it comes to fashion, Taureans seem to have access to their very own crystal balls without any outside help! Always a step ahead of everyone else, they’re never afraid to make a statement with their stylish and sassy looks.


Geminis are about as far as you can get from a shrinking wallflower! Risk-takers with an eye for streamlined shapes and flattering outlines, simplicity is anathema to them, and you can guarantee they’ll turn heads wherever they go.


Poised and polished, Cancerians have a highly refined sense of style. Always the most dressed-up person in the room, they’re chic, sophisticated, and look effortlessly elegant and on-point.


When it comes to shopping – which is one of their greatest loves – Leos simply cannot resist an eye-catching ensemble. As passionate about fashion as they are about everything else, they frequently opt for vibrant hues and look-at-me pieces.


Gravitating toward tailored silhouettes and classic wardrobe staples, Virgos tend not to experiment too much with their style – instead, they know what suits them and stick to a tried-and-tested formula. The result is simple, subtle, but undoubtedly stylish.


Libras love classics, but they like to add their own on-trend edge to them. Typically pairing ladylike laces and softly flowing silhouettes with leather biker jackets and grungy boots, they mix things up for an achingly cool medley of styles that always works.


When it comes to Sagittarians, their style is feminine, fashionable, and errs on the side of classy. Preferring clean and simple silhouettes paired with statement accessories to add an edge, they always look ready to tackle their day with grace and style.


What can we say about Scorpios? Polished and immaculately presented, this mysterious and tempestuous star sign can nonetheless be relied upon to look put-together no matter the occasion. Preferring simple staples that suit their look, you can guarantee they have their favorite outfit pieces in every color.
What do you think about your haute-couture horoscope style? Does it ring true for you?