Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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A Cute Face Mask that Doubles as a Scrunchie

Facing the global pandemic of Covid 19 has changed our lives in many ways. We have spent more time at home this past year than any other. It has become apparent that many things can be handled remotely that people used to believe had to be handled with face-to-face contact. 

This virus has changed how you live your day-to-day life.

Covid 19 has made you much more aware of how important sanitary practices are in your everyday activities. People have even reexamined the way we wash our hands. You now double-check the labels on all the soaps and hand sanitizers you purchase to make sure they contain the ingredients necessary to kill all the viruses and bacteria it possibly can.

Face Mask

Covid 19 has also made wearing a face mask anytime you go into a public place a necessity to protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus. Learning how to correctly use a mask has been a learning curve for all of us. If you are a person who has to wear glasses you know all too well that the mask can cause them to fog. These people have had to learn to adapt and find tricks to keep this from being an issue.

Making sure we are keeping your mask sanitary for use should also be a major concern. People are horrible about just throwing them in their pocket or purse when they are not using them. People are also not washing them regularly which means they are getting covered in microbial creatures daily and not being cleaned. People are even bad about setting them down on surfaces in public while eating or drinking.

Washing your mask regularly and making sure it is not touching germy surfaces is a necessity for you to stay healthy. When you wear a dirty mask the moisture in your breath makes it an ideal environment for funguses and bacteria to grow and strive. Start a routine of washing your mask regularly and keeping it out of your purse and pockets.

The Maskie

When trying to think of a solution for a place to put your mask that will be safe from germs when it is not on your face. The Maskie has brought us a product that solves this problem. The Maskie is a face mask, scrunchie combo. This allows you to secure your mask effortlessly to your wrist or in your hair when you are not using it.

Securing your face mask to your wrist or putting it in your hair keeps the mask from being laid down on any surface that could contain bacterias or viruses that could make you sick. Having your mask attached to your body also makes certain that you do not forget it when leaving. No more getting out to grab groceries and realizing you left your mask at home.  

The Maskie comes in several different styles and colors. It easily transformed from scrunchie to mask and back again with little effort. It is also very easily washed and can be put in your dryer to fully sanitize it. It has two different choices for securing the mask behind your ears: one is an adjustable thin strap that is adjustable so the mask can fit snuggly. The other is thicker cloth straps that allow for a looser fit some people prefer. 

When you are looking for a fashionable and easy-to-use mask look no further than the Maskie. With its face mask, scrunchie combo this makes it the perfect combination of protection and convenience. If you are constantly worrying about how clean your mask is then you should purchase this mask so you can have peace of mind. The Maskie will not disappoint!

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