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Effectiveness of Using CBD for Palliative Treatment

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is growing in popularity as an anecdotal therapy for many medical conditions. Because FDA approval for seizure disorder therapy has been granted, this product is growing in popularity for a wide variety of pain-related conditions, as well as anxious thoughts and sleeping challenges. 

What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative or end-of-life care is the care that we get when our infirmity or age grows to the point that healing or complete recovery is not an option. Quality palliative care means that you and your family will receive the support needed to help you manage your illness or condition to the end of your life. It should be noted that palliative care can also be given to someone managing a chronic but non-fatal condition.

What Research Do We Have on CBD for Palliative Care?

Because palliative care often includes pain management and the control of anxious thoughts, we can start by studying the research available on those conditions

Medical cannabis is allowed for palliative care in many nations. Anecdotal evidence indicates that this form of therapy allows the sufferer to rise above pain without suffering the drowsiness caused by opioid pain medications.

Using Cannabis In Palliative Care

If you are a caregiver for someone who needs palliative care, make sure you buy CBD from a supplier who offers third-party testing. Additionally, pay attention to any CBD oil or oil-suspended tincture flavoring. If you are supporting someone undergoing chemo, their sense of taste can be altered. Some oils may be quite unpleasant to their palate.

Appropriate Dosage

CBD dosages are extremely personal. To start, plan to dose no more than 1 mg per ten pounds of weight. Keep a journal of

  • dosage
  • method
  • results over time, such as every two hours

If the user is willing to increase the dosage to see if they gain more benefit, do so. Keep tracking until the user feels they have reached the optimum dosage and then maintain.

CBD for Pets

The same ratio will serve for any pets facing chronic discomfort or end-of-life pain. Consider dropping the oil on a tiny piece of bread if your pet can tolerate wheat and tracking their behavior after the dosage. If you notice they fall asleep when they are usually awake, dial back the dosage.

For pets, try to give them ordinary CBD oil instead of a tincture. A tincture is an alcohol product that is suspended in oil, which can be a higher dosage. Additionally, the oil often has a milder flavor and is less aromatic. If your dog refuses CBD tincture, the oil may be easier for them to tolerate.

End-of-life decisions are tough. If you have data or a positive personal history with CBD, consider sharing this data with someone seeking palliative care. Be ready to share data about the difference between THC and CBD, but wait to be asked for more data.

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