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Things To Look For When Choosing The Right Floor Tiles For Your Home

While the marble, granite and wooden look remain popular even now for flooring purposes, people do not prefer to use natural stone or wood anymore. Floor tiles have gained extreme popularity because they are more durable, easier to install, and involve less maintenance at affordable rates. Plus, they come in all the above looks, and more. There are different types of tiles you can consider for home flooring. 

So how do you choose tiles that are perfect for your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 


Start with knowing a few basic aspects to get the flooring right.

  • Keep in mind the style of your home before you start off. Look up on the internet and browse through magazines for finding images of tiles to your liking. Try to match the tiles with the style of the home and create a suitable atmosphere for your home.
  • Tiles that come in small sizes are most suitable for smaller areas like toilets, kitchens and bathrooms. Use a light-coloured tile to enlarge the space of a small room. For a large room, you can either choose a light or a dark type.
  • The general feel of a room is also a matter to look into. Tiles often complement the other features in a room. You can go for contrasting coloured tiles to install in the kitchen and well-blending ones to give a relaxed setting to your bathroom.
  • The right grout colour needs enough consideration as well. While a contrasting grout emphasizes lines and designs, complementary ones give a subtle effect. To prevent staining, the grouted areas need to be sealed. 
  • It is your choice to opt for a matte or a polished gloss finished floor tile. Unlike a glazed tile, which is easy to clean, a natural terracotta tile is without glaze and needs to be sealed to prevent the occurrence of staining.


Most of the floor tiles are hard and durable. For instance, marble tiles can last for several years with proper care. Unlike marble tiles, slate tiles are extremely tough and can withstand heavy traffic. 

A porcelain tile is not easy to install since it can have some cuts in two or three sections. Granite, generally used as a building material, can get damaged by water or any such thing, if not sealed properly.

Comprising clay and minerals, with a mixture of pigments, chemicals, and water, ceramic tiles are considered to be suitable for flooring. During its formation, a ceramic tile is shaped and baked at quite high temperatures. It comes in matte, semi-matte and glossy finishes. Matte finish ceramic tiles are the best for home flooring. These kinds of tiles are not only economical but also readily available in the market. They do not need high maintenance and can be cleaned easily.

The good news is that you will get all kinds of materials at any dealer of Orientbell Tiles. This will expand your choice and professionals from Orientbell can always help you choose what’s suitable for you.


The denser the tile is, the less water it absorbs since it will not have many air holes to fill with water. The porosity of the tile is a crucial factor when it comes to kitchen and bathroom floors, which require moisture-proof flooring. However, one should not use porous tiles outdoors.

Based on their porosity, tiles can be classified as impervious (minimum absorbents), vitreous, semi-vitreous, and non-viterous (maximum absorbents). 

Resistance to water is a factor worth considering when choosing floor tiles for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, you should choose such floor tiles that have enough grip and come with anti-slip properties. The tiles with a matte finish are one of the best options when it comes to bathroom flooring.


If you are on the lookout for kitchen floor tiles, select easy-to-clean tiles. Also, you need to ensure that you pick the ones which do not crack or stain easily. Fired to look like natural stone, clay and limestone tiles are the best ones. 

Also, durability is a significant factor. Therefore, you need to opt for a tile with a slightly raised pattern or texture, which ensures a safe kitchen floor. Besides handling everyday wear and tear, the appearance of the tile to match the overall look of the space needs to be considered as well.

The aesthetics of hardwood look excellent in the living room. However, they are difficult to maintain since they scratch quite easily. Comparatively, ceramic wood tiles are more resistant and durable too. If you have pets and children at home, you can go for the slightly less porous and denser porcelain tiles. For textured and patterned flooring, install mosaic tiles. 

The flooring of the home is as significant as the structure. Besides being functional, it enhances the look of your home to a great extent. Therefore, it is required that you pay special focus while picking out a suitable floor tile. You can use Orientbell’s user-friendly website to find a variety of flooring options that will last long and look beautiful all through.

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