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How to Find Inspiration for Your Garden Furniture

Having a lush, green garden or a spacious backyard is a selling point for many homes. One way to further enhance your garden is to add great outdoor furniture. This will make the space liveable and will allow you to become immersed in your own outdoor sanctuary.

Whilst interior trends often change, outdoor furniture pieces tend to be more timeless and long-lasting. Here are some easy tips to inspire your garden furniture.

Consider your lifestyle

When planning your ideal outdoor space, consider how you will be spending time there. This will help to find practical, useful pieces.

For those who love to invite friends and family over at every opportunity, space and seating will be key. Avid entertainers will be drawn to long, luxe tables with plenty of room to accommodate their guests and ambient, eye-catching lighting to set the mood when the sun goes down.

For others, a lazy weekend spent in the backyard is more appealing. Comfy outdoor lounge chairs, or even a great hammock, will be perfect for relaxing outdoors with a great book.

Safe and sturdy furniture will suit families with children, as well as allowing plenty of room for an outdoor playground where the little ones can run rampant.

It will be important to narrow down your priorities for your garden space to choose furniture that will enhance your time spent outdoors.

Consistency is key

Inspiration for garden furniture can come from simply continuing the theme of your interiors into your backyard. To create a flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, tie in your furniture choices with complementary colours, materials and designs.

Whilst the latest trends may be appealing, try to avoid them if they don’t match the rest of your home. For example, sleek and modern furniture may look out of place in the garden of an older, rustic style home, and vice versa.

Adding outdoor accessories, such as outdoor cushions, decorative lanterns and lighting and umbrellas, are easy ways to inject your style into your garden areas and seamlessly blend the outdoor and indoor spaces together.

Create a mood board

Before you hit the shops to purchase outdoor furniture, refine your design vision so you do not become overwhelmed by choice. There are so many design resources available that can inspire your outdoor sanctuary, so take the time to do your research and create a mood board of your ideal space. A great tip is to visit a site like InspirelivingHQ, for endless inspiration for outdoor furniture.

Pinterest and Instagram are go-to choices, making it easy to create a digital mood board by saving your favourite images. Your smartphone can also unlock a range of useful apps, which include mood board design apps where you can plan your ideas in one place.

Take the time to flick through home and interior design magazines to find the latest trends in outdoor furniture, or furniture catalogues to find what is new in-store.

Most importantly, be sure to enjoy the creative, planning process, as this is where you can let your imagination run wild before the hard work of outdoor decorating begins!