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How to Purchase ACs: Understand These 5 Tips and Stay Cool

The summers are dreaded but all thanks to the cool breeze from an air conditioner that sets the temperature and helps you to chill in the weather of fire. The mercury goes up, and it is here where the air conditioners are required the most to help us stay cool. However, buying an air conditioner is not easy, and there are a few aspects that you need to consider and check before purchasing the air conditioner.

Here are a few tips that can help you buy the best air conditioner and stay cool:

  • Opt for better energy efficiency: Higher the rating lowers the price- it is a fact that air conditioner adds up to your monthly electricity bills. Therefore the air conditioners that consume less power and meets your required criterion should be preferred above the other ACs in the market. Most of the air conditioners come with the rating ranging from 1 to 5, thus higher the rating the lower is its energy consumption. Also, higher the rating higher is the price of the model, but in a few months, it will prove to be saving on your electricity consumption. Inverter ACs consume less power than the conventional ones but then its more expensive also.

  • Cooling capacity: This is a significant factor that you should consider before investing in the Ac as little negligence here could prove to be a bad decision. AC that is small in capacity will not chill the room, or if it is too big with strong chilling capacity then it will chill the room to the extent that it will become uncomfortable. Usually, for a room of 100 to 120 square feet, an AC of 1 ton will be sufficient and then accordingly decide as per the size of the room. Also, if you get the right size of AC, it will help you to save on electricity, as it will then be used optimally. Even this will contribute towards long lasting of AC, as it will be used as per its capacity.
  • Do not get attracted towards features or marketing gimmicks, it is the basics that matter- The ACs has many parts about which the company does not talk. This is so done to attract the consumers they are told about the cool stuff rather than promising quality stuff as these are expensive. Before buying the AC, check the quality of coils and material that has been used to make it. Copper coils are better than aluminum coils in terms of reliability and performance but then it’s expensive also. Ask about the performance of AC when the Sun shines directly on it, a good quality AC will perform better in extreme temperatures as compared to lower quality AC that performs poorly during extreme temperature and also consumes more power.
  • Consider the noise levels- With inverter split ac, there is no noise, but with the window AC, the noise from the machine can disturb you while you are working or sleeping. Always enquire that will the AC make noise or not, go for ACs that make no noise as then only it will be comfortable. Also, before buying the AC, please check the area where you will install it as it should match with the aesthetics of the location or else it will be a total mismatch.

  • Consider the after sales aspect also- ACs is complex and has mechanical technology in them. Thus they will need service even they are working well and are posing no issues. Therefore choose the AC that has a strong proven record of great after sales servicing that to in the area where you intend to install it. If you are not getting any information regarding the after sale services, then inquire about it before you buy that AC. Only after you are satisfied that the machine will be serviced at reasonable rates after purchase then only buy it.

Think rationally before buying the AC as it’s an expensive product (it is an asset) that will stay with you for a long time.