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7 Simple Tips to Utilize Small Spaces of the Home

Real estate in cities is soaring at newer highs each day. The only aspect of real estate which is shrinking is the square footing of the apartments and homes. If there is one thing that millennials crave from their childhood, it is a country home with ample space to accommodate even a backyard and a swing! 

Space management is giving sleepless nights to new homeowners who wish to maximise their limited space with utility stuff which is also aesthetic. Obviously, you cannot expect a vintage artwork to serve any other purpose in your house apart from garnering appreciation. If you have been fretting about the compact space of your apartment, here are some out of the box interior designing ideas to help you decorate your space with aesthetic yet utility stuff.

1. Declutter

In all earnestness, the concept of minimalism is so apt for any space, irrespective of its square area. If you are living in an apartment with a limited space, avoid stuffing up your living room with a coffee table and centre table separately. It would be a wasteful expenditure and you will only end up contouring your room. The trick is to not line the confines of your room with one or the other decorative item. This would give an illusion of an ample space. 

2. Invest in cabinets

Seriously, please do! Investments in furniture which has drawers and cabinets never goes vain because of its utility. For instance, an apothecary table is a piece of furniture which would add a vintage and rustic touch to your room while at the same time, solving the problem of clutter. If you are trying to save space, it is always recommended to have your furniture custom made because you can always fashion it for your taste and utility. 

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Remember your last visit to the house of mirrors? How a room which is the size of a closet gets transformed into this endless void of a space was something that left us bewildered as a child! The same mirrors will come to your rescue while decorating a compact space. Needless to say, you are not expected to turn your house into a house of mirrors but fixing up a couple of them in your living room will help you craft an illusion of spaciousness. Lastly, for the mirrors to weave their magic, you must ensure to design your room using minimalistic furniture. 

4. Don’t ignore the bath

Many people forget their baths in the process of designing their living rooms and bedrooms. It is imperative that the struggle with space will extend even to your bathroom. Utilisation of a small bathroom can be done by simple tweaks in your current plan. Installing a sink in the corner will free some space, using large-scale patterns for wall tiles can create the illusion of space. 

5. Foldable furniture

If the very thought of foldable furniture makes you twitch, hear us out! Gone are the days when foldable furniture used to be the same old patio inspired beds made out of synthetic fabric. A quick scan through the selection of space saving furniture will guide you through some of the most ultra-modern and chic looking pieces which can adorn the space in your home. Not only are these pieces aesthetic but they serve high utility in case you run low on space. For instance, investing in a foldable sofa will save you from the hassle of a guest room. 

6. Invest vertically not horizontally

As specified above, contouring your room with furniture and decorative space will only add to the clutter and make it seem smaller. Instead, find furniture which grows up rather sideways. Increase the height of your room and see how it elevates your apartment immediately! Modular kitchen, bunk beds are award winning ideas that are bound to succeed. Visit Homeofficeapproved to see the best buys in furniture for compact spaces. 

7. Work from home space

Work from home is no longer an option, but a lifestyle. Naturally, the furniture choices you make must incorporate this new lifestyle too. Fitting in your office desk without creating a clutter is a tough nut to crack. Make sure to tuck that office desk behind the couch so that it does not take much of the space while also creating a nook for all your meetings and conferences. 

Designing a compact space can be super fun with a little planning and outside help. What really wins appreciation is not how much space you have but how you utilise your space.

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