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When Do You Need to Get Your Roof Fixed?

We are used to waiting until the last minute for us to replace our roofs. That should not be the case where your home is involved. There are so many ways through which you can tell that it’s time to replace the roof, but first let us list a few signs that your roof has problems.

The signs may include:  

  1. Leaking ceiling
  2. Water sports on the ceiling or the wall
  3. Discolored soffit
  4. Curling or lifted shingles
  5. Granule wear

The above are some signs that your roof needs to be replaced. There are insurance companies that require you to replace your roof after every fifteen years, while others do not have a time limit. For such, they know that their roofs have to be replaced after the stipulated time. Others though need ideas on when to replace it. Home Grown Roofing Golden CO is one of the roofing contractors that will help you with this.

So, let’s look at how you know it’s time to fix your roof.

Unwanted Houseplants

Plants look good when they are in your backyard or garden but not on the roofs. Moss, fungi, and molds are some of the most common plants that grow on roofs. Unfortunately, they are not good for the roofs. They directly tap the moisture which may damage the roof. The most affected roofs, in this case, is composite roofing, slate roofing, stone coated steel roofing, and wood roofing.

When you notice that plants are growing on your roof, take a stiff brush and try to clean them off. Be careful not to damage the roofing. If cleaning does not help, go for a replacement. Hire the best roofing contractor and get your roof replaced.

Sagging Roofs

A droopy and sagging roof does not only look bad but it is also dangerous. Sagging roofs can fall off at any time and they may end up causing further damage or hurting people. They distort the profile of the house, making it look ugly.

To confirm the level of damage, look for the sagging spots, trapped moisture, or rotting boards. These are common on the lower parts of the roof. You can hire a contractor to do the check-up for you or do it yourself. However, once you have noticed the damage, look for a roofing contractor who will replace the roof for you.

Leaking Roofs

Nothing feels as uncomfortable as a leaking roof. You do not have to wait until rainwater starts leaking through the roof. If this happens, it may damage your floor, walls, and other assets found in the house. To avoid this being the case, ensure you replace the roof ASAP.

Leaking ceilings would mean that the roof is broken, damaged, or has gaps. Get to the rooftop and check curling shingles or other damaged places. You may also look for spaces that let light in because they may also be leaking the water. Checking helps you know where you need the roof replaced. The roofing contractor could as well do the work for you.

Wear and Tear of objects around the roof

Chimneys, pipes, and vents are some of the objects that are placed on the roofs. In case these objects are damaged, the roof gets damaged. Since they pass various components, they may leak water, dirt, or other harmful objects. To avoid getting infected, you need to frequently replace these objects. If they are damaged, consider replacing both the object and the roof.


Peeling off of the exterior paint on the roofs is one of the most common reasons why they are replaced. However, sagging roofs, leaking ceilings, plants growing on the roof, and damaged objects on the roof could be an indication that the roof needs to be replaced. These are discussed in the above article.

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