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How to Operate a Chainsaw Safely for Garden Use

There are few tools that are as handy as a chainsaw, yet this is also a power tool that can cause a great deal of anxiety as it can be incredibly dangerous which means that you must know how to operate it. A chainsaw makes it quick and easy to cut back trees, saw wood and various other garden tasks – read on to find out how to safely use this fantastic power tool.

Protective Equipment

Before using the chainsaw, you need to make sure that you have the right protective equipment which should include eye protection, ear protection, sturdy boots, gloves and a hard hat. Chainsaw chaps are also a smart investment.

Safe Environment

Next, you will need to make sure that you are using the best chainsaw in a safe environ-ment. Clear the garden from any hazards, such as trip hazards, and inform whoever is around about what you will be doing.

Starting the Chainsaw

You will now be ready to start using the chainsaw. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the guide and get tips from thestore you buy from such as SGS Engineering – this should provide you with all the information that you need for safe usage. For the very first time, it is a good idea to practice on smaller logs so that you can get the hang of it and work your way up to bigger projects.

It is a smart idea to fill both the gas and bar oil reservoirs each time you use the chainsaw to make sure that it will last for the duration of the work. To start the chainsaw, you will need to make sure that the break chain is engaged and that the choke and start switch is on. For right-handers, place the chainsaw flat on the ground and put your left hand on the handlebar and your right toe in the handle. Pull the starter rope to start the chainsaw.

Using the Chainsaw

It is then a matter of using common sense when operating the chainsaw. This will in-volve always cutting away from your body, maintain good footing, keeping your bal-ance and not overreaching. It can be tiring to use this power tool so be sure to take regular breaks and avoid using it if you feel fatigued or if you are carrying an injury.

Chainsaws can be intimidating to operate, but once you know how they work and how to use one you will quickly get the hang of it. They are a handy tool to have in the garden particularly if you have a lot of trees, but you should always make sure that you handle with care when operating this power tool as they can be highly dangerous and must always be handled with care.