Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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How Damp Proofing Could Help You Avoid Financial Difficulties

When it comes to dealing with damp in your home, prevention is always the best course of action. Taking steps to protect your property against water intrusion and the damage it can cause is a simple, affordable and effective measure that will save you a lot of effort, not to mention money, further down the line. So, how exactly does investing in proper damp proofing save you money in the future?

Dealing with damp is expensive

If you have ever experienced damp in your home, perhaps around a windowsill or on a bathroom wall, you’ll know how much hassle it can cause. Getting rid of it involves buying specialist cleaning products, spending time scrubbing it away and probably needing to repaint the surface to cover lingering stains. You could end up having to replace an entire section of plaster at even greater cost and effort, potentially needing to call out a professional tradesperson.

Temporary fixes add up

Getting rid of damp from your interior walls won’t solve the issue: once you notice patches appear on your walls, the damp has already sept though and so the money you spend fixing your interior walls is only going to solve the problem for a short while. Over the years, you would spend more money on these temporary fixes than you would do with a one-off preventative damp proofing installation by professionals, which would also save you valuable time and effort.

Your property value is at stake

Any problems with the appearance or integrity of a building can be extremely off-putting to potential buyers. Should you wish to sell your home further down the line, the value of the property would be seriously impacted by the presence of mould and mildew. Most surveyors and buyers will look for any signs of damp as high priority when assessing a property. However, taking a few preventative measures will not only stop the appearance of these unpleasant growths but also give buyers a boost of confidence to move forward with the sale. They’ll have peace of mind that potential damp issues have been dealt with professionally and aren’t likely to be an issue soon.

Damp in your home could impact your income

Living in a damp environment can have a serious impact on your health. According to the World Health Organisation, dampness in your home is a ‘strong and consistent indicator of risk for asthma and respiratory symptoms.’ Having your home properly damp proofed can therefore lower the likelihood that you would need to be out of work due to damp-related illnesses, and lose out on vital wages.

Repair is more expensive than prevention

If you are lucky enough to have a property that is currently free of damp, the best course of action you can take to make sure it stays that way is to have it professionally treated. The small cost of professional damp proofing at this stage is far less than the potential bills you’ll incur if damp is allowed to seep into your home. Not to mention the peace of mind it affords – and that’s priceless.

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