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7 Kitchen Appliances that Are a Must in a Modern Kitchen

After watching cooking shows such as MasterChef, Top Chef, and others, we all have this desire to transform our kitchens into a modern kitchen, whether we are good cooks or not. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen with appliances within budget, here are a few for your consideration:

Air fryer

A lot of us love fried food from fries to pakoras and more. However, if you were to traditionally cook it on a stove, it will require a lot of oil and be deep fried, making the dish very greasy. A healthier alternative is to fry items in an air fryer. Although not entirely healthy, it will be lower in fat and have lesser calories. You can get an air fryer starting from Rs.4,000.

Cold press juicer

A lot of people drink juices every day because they are healthy and refreshing. Many even have juicers to make the juice for them. A cold press juicer is a healthier option to a regular one because it has a slower processing machine and retains more nutrients than a regular juicer. However, make sure to use clean water rich in nutrients. You could always consider getting a water purifier on rent to ensure you’re making healthy drinks.


Tired to washing dishes after every meal? Let a machine take care of it for you. Dishwashers wash dishes at the touch of a button and often
remove even stubborn stains very quickly. There are also eco-friendly options available in the market that save water and electricity.

Dishwashers usually cost upwards of Rs.10,000.

Toaster Oven

If you eat toast for breakfast often or even as a snack, consider getting a toaster oven. They come with non-stick heating plates and can grill sandwiches. There are models that even collect excess oil. You can get a toaster over starting from a little over Rs.1,000.

Roti Maker

Making round rotis is an art that many don’t possess. However, with a roti maker you don’t have to anymore. With a single appliance, you can make rotis, puris, and other items in perfect round shape. Roti Makers usually cost around Rs.2,000.

Coffee Maker Machine

Although making coffee is relatively simple, many don’t have the time in the morning to make a cup before going to work. There are several types and varieties of coffee makers in the market in different price ranges from a low cost around Rs.1,000. You can even get Espresso
makers and other specific varieties of coffee.

Vegetable Chopper

This is the cheapest appliance on this list starting around Rs.200. If you don’t want to cut vegetables on your own or tend to hurt yourself often when you do, consider getting a vegetable chopper to take care of this for you. Vegetable choppers can be multi-functional as many come with peelers, choppers, slicers, and cutters, to take care of everything. If you buy them online, you could even get great discounts.

Most of these appliances are small and portable and very cost effective. They make cooking extremely convenient and quick. There are other appliances that every modern home should have such as a smart TV, AC, and so on. If you don’t have the budget for it, you could always rent. You can rent a washing machine, TV, microwave, even the latest iPhone!