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Importance of Shelter for Animals

Animals of any kinds, be it pets, domestic animals, farm or barn animals, wild animals, all are nature’s best creations. Each one has a role to play in the cycle of life and the ecological pyramid of nature. It is important to shelter animals, especially those who have no access to food, water or a place to rest. Some animals, such as dogs, are even abused on the streets or by their owners. In such cases, Dog shelter is the best way to protect and care for these animals in a trusted and safe environment.

What is a Dog Shelter?

There are many kinds of Animal Shelters. One of the main and important shelters which operate in India is the Dog Shelter. A Dog Shelter gives care and support for abandoned and rescued dogs. Dogs are found in large numbers on the streets of India, unlike other countries. Due to the illegal prosecution of stray dogs, ceasing of dogs by unidentified areas, the government of India has banned the capturing of street dogs where evidence has supported they were euthanised or killed even if they were healthy. This was practised as there were too many strays on the road and no one knew what to do with them.

This is where Dog Shelters come into the picture. A Dog Shelter rescues stray dogs, abandoned dogs, abused dogs and handicapped or unwell dogs and provides them with a safe sanctuary with proper care and facility. A dog Shelter receives donations and support from NGOs and from Animal Welfare committees such as Blue Cross so as to be able to support the caretaking and habilitation of these dogs. 

How Does a Dog Shelter Function?

Dog shelters function completely by volunteers and friends of animals. As a supporter of the well being of dogs, you may report a stray dog with a medical condition or an abandoned dog that needs care. If you happen to witness abuse on a dog in any form, you may call upon a dog shelter to rescue such dogs. A dog shelter may seek help from the local authorities, and with the help of volunteers, they may escort the dog back to safety by bringing it to the dog shelter. 

Once the dog reaches a shelter, the dog is tested for any medical abnormalities and its physical and mental state by experts. This is to ensure the dog is safe and can be handled with precaution by volunteers and caretakers. Also, it is necessary to test the dog for the safety of the other dogs in the shelter. Some dogs may have some anxiety or anger issues and may take that out on caretakers and other dogs; therefore, for a few days or even weeks, special attention needs to be given to a new dog.

Caring for an Unwell Dog

When an unwell dog, or a dog with chronic issues, or an aged dog is left on the street to die, a shelter can help by taking care of such dogs. A shelter may provide a place to rest, medical care by volunteering Vets, good food and proper care through volunteers. 

The concept of Euthanasia is much debatable. Many shelters may call upon the method of Euthanasia if the dog becomes very difficult to take care of or is very unwell and is suffering. In these cases, the shelter may opt to end the dog’s life in a painless manner. Although this is a debatable topic, whether it is the best thing to do or not for the dog, in most cases, it is decided by the dog shelter if the dog requires timely Euthanasia to put its pain out. 

How can we help a Dog Shelter?

You can be of great service to a dog shelter by simply calling upon their attention when a dog requires care and medical help. If you see a dog that is hurt or has no one to care for or has been abused or left to die out on the streets, you must inform a dog shelter so that they can rehabilitate the dog. 

You may also help by volunteering in such a dog shelter if you love to be around dogs. They would be forever indebted to you and love you like nobody as ever loved you before. 

If not for physical help, you can always donate to shelters. The money shelters receive through donations is what helps them pay their bills. So be kind enough to offer a donation to encourage the dog shelters in your area.