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6 Proven Ways to Get YouTube Views Easily

Let’s dive right in.

In my previous article, we discussed some techniques on how to increase your YouTube views, and I mentioned using a nice thumbnail. I want to buttress that point in this article.

Use a stand-out thumbnail:

Let me explain, have you noticed that the already standard colors of YouTube are red, white and black? Okay, so it stands to reason that if you also use the same or similar or duller colors for your YouTube thumbnail, they would blend (bury) right in.

Blending in is good in some instances but definitely not when you want to be noticed in a crowd full of YouTubers.

Imagine a brown or black egg in the midst of white eggs in a crate, now that’s standing out. So back to the point, use flash, shouty colors.

And use the same set of colors as your standard YouTube channel’s theme for your video thumbnails. That way, your subscribers are used to your colors, and your would-be subscribers can easily pick you out of the bunch.

Include a transcript:

Hard as you might not want to believe this, if you are making a tutorial video or you would be making a good deal of narrative in your video, it is in the best interest of your viewers that you transcribe your video and paste the transcript in the description section. Or, edit the transcribed words into the bottom of your video.

Well, the reasons are these, first off, no matter what part of the world you come from, to someone else you might come across as having an accent; thus it becomes hard for that person to understand you. A Teleprompter app is the best solution for adding subtitles to your video. This will make your video more meaningful.

But by following your transcript, your video becomes a lot more useful to them. And, saying your words out loud, especially your keywords, would help your videos rank on Google. And Google will, in turn, would send you tons of viewers.
Advanced YouTubers employ the services of professional transcribers who transcribe their whole video with accurate time stamps and paste them in their description section.

Doing all of these would increase your views, but the results might not be immediate. The views would come, but organically and gradually, plus, you need to do them for each video.

The good thing is, some of your viewers would turn into subscribers who would supply more views for your upcoming videos.

Buy YouTube views:

This can be a good or bad thing, depending on where you get your views. Spammy, scam-ish and fake websites are all over the internet; some even spend time and money advertising their bed sites. Some ask for your password to supply your views and eventually hack into your account.

Stormviews, however, offers YouTube views, likes and subscribers at fair rates without the need for your password and without the risk of being spammed or scammed.

Buying views is a good way to increase the curiosity of others to want to check out your videos. It gives people the perception that there is something interesting worth watching in your video, so you have more people getting engaged. All these, in turn, give off a positive effect on your whole YouTube channel.

Paste in the link of your YouTube video in the box and purchase 500 views for $1.99. That’s a fair bargain I believe. You can do this to see the turnout of events and watch your video views increase.