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Why We Need Therapy In This Digital Era

Today’s generation suffers from way more mental health problems than their predecessors. Humans are all caught up in a rat race where they trade their inner peace and happiness for more material things like money, fame, power, possessions, luxury, reputation, etc. This is all that matters. Once you have conquered all of this, there is a misconception that your entire life becomes perfect, and everything just falls into the right place. Another common misconception is that when you have loads of money, there is nothing that will worry you, and therefore, it is completely okay to sacrifice a little or even your entire mental health until you reach the top. Well, this is absolutely not true. Such conceptions need to change, and people need to stop being in this rat race and simply live lives at their own pace instead. This is one of the major reasons that people suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, and many other such things. Luckily, no matter what problem you are facing, therapy is a great solution, and nowadays, it is being provided through online means. You can check out which is a platform that offers quality mental health services online from licensed professionals.

So, as we have mentioned above, these are just some of the factors that lead us all to depression and other problems. Another one is how we view social media. As long as you appropriately use social media, there is no problem. But a lot of us view social media in a completely different perspective. We see someone else who leads a better life than us and immediately become jealous. In this era of instant gratification, a lot of people live for the likes, comments, shares, and such tools of appreciation that you get on social media.

Many people, in fact, fail to realize that all kinds of social media are only a facade. It is entirely a virtual world and has a stark difference with what real life actually is. You see someone post good pictures of themself, and you may have body insecurity. You see someone else in a happy relationship with their partner, and if you are a single person, this immediately makes you doubt yourself and question your worth. Social media, even though it is a good platform, you shouldn’t let it affect you to a point where your whole world revolves around Facebook shares, Instagram likes, and appreciation from strangers. Instead, what you should do is seek to maintain close and loving relationships with your dear and near ones.

Stop living in the virtual world and come back to the real world. Yes, the real world may have a lot of struggles, but that is what life is all about. How you overcome these struggles, how strong and resilient you become due to these struggles, how you evolve into a good human being, these are the only things that matter.