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What Size Sink Do I Need for My Kitchen?

When choosing the right kitchen sink, you need to consider several things. Depth, shape, material, drain options, and cost are all things to keep in mind. Most people may be tempted to pick any sink that the kitchen place offers. Please do not do that as you will most likely regret it later. Your kitchen sink is among the most used features in the room. As such, you must choose the right one for your needs. Size is among the vital factors to consider. Read on to discover what size sink you need for your kitchen.

  • Kitchen Space. If you have a larger kitchen, consider installing a more massive sink and vice versa. An oversized sink will overwhelm a small kitchen. A large sink in a small kitchen means you will have less counter and cabinet space. Kitchens up to around 150 square feet can accommodate up to a 24” wide sink. You can fit the remaining space with a cutting board, cover, or a worktop. If you have ample space, ensure you get a 36-inch farmhouse sink. This sink provides you with flexibility when it comes to the design of the bowl.

  • Base Cabinet Size. The size of your base cabinet determines the size sink you choose. A large sink goes with a large base cabinet. Base cabinets are available in different widths. When choosing the right sink size for your base cabinet, measure the interior of the base cabinet and subtract three inches from each dimension. You should also consider the depth of your sink to ensure you have ample storage inside the base cabinet.
  • Usage. The amount of work you do in your sink will also determine the size to choose. Consider things like the number of dishes you do and your most enormous serving platter. Take a look at your cleaning and cooking habits. If you clean regularly, you may install a smaller sink. If you let your dishes pile up, go for a bigger size. If you bake regularly, consider a more massive sink that can handle your cookie sheets. If you only need to wash your big roaster on Thanksgiving, you can manage with a smaller sink. Your cooking and cleaning habits will also determine the extra features to choose.

  • Surrounding Features. Similar to the kitchen size, you also need to consider the size of your surrounding features. Look at the size of your kitchen window, stove, counter, and your accessories. Use masking tape to measure these things and ensure your size sink is appropriate. Remember to consider other elements such as the faucet, soap dispenser, and backsplash.
  • Other Factors. If you are an entertainer who often holds parties, go for a narrow bar or prep sink. Such sinks are also ideal for people who prepare a lot of fresh food. The sink style is another factor to consider. You can either choose an under-mount, apron-front, or drop-in sink.

With this information in mind, you can now shop for the right size sink for your kitchen.

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