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What Happens When You Construct a Swimming Pool?

When you decide to construct a pool, there are a lot of steps that go into making that happen. You must choose a contractor, select a location and design, and schedule the construction.

The process of constructing a swimming pool is long and detailed. Depending on the size of the project, completion can take several weeks or months. This post will outline the process of swimming pool construction to know what to expect.

The Search for a Contractor

Finding a contractor is one thing, but dealing with the details you discussed (in person or over the phone) while brainstorming your pool vision is another. As you speak with the contractor, have them break down the steps required to complete the task. It may include:

  • Permits
  • Site Preparation & Excavating¬†
  • Equipment
  • Pool and Landscaping Design
  • Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Workforce
  • Time frame to complete the work
  • Payment schemes

The contractor may ask you to make a down payment before work on your pool construction begins, which is not necessarily cause for concern. It is standard industry practice, but before you pay a dime, ensure that these are documented and agreed upon in writing to protect you and the contractor.

Enquire with the contractor if they have a standard contract that can be customised to complete the proposed job.

Pre-Construction and Excavation

The pre-construction phase is vital to the overall construction of the pool. It is when your permits are acquired that engineering plans are created.

The excavation phase involves removing any area of vegetation and digging to the proper depth. It is usually done with a bulldozer, and it’s essential to ensure the ground is level so the pool will also be level. The excavated dirt is then used to fill in around the pool and create a slope so the water will drain properly.

Next, the framing for the pool is put in place. It consists of metal bars that will hold the concrete or Gunite. 

Plumbing and Concrete Work

After the hole is dug, the plumbing and electrical work are installed. Once that’s done, the pool shell is constructed. The waterproofing membrane is applied. Then comes the concrete or gunite shell, followed by the vinyl liner or fibreglass finish.

The foundation of a swimming pool is typically made of concrete. Gunite is a mixture of concrete and sand, and it’s often used to build pools because it’s durable and can be coloured to match any desired palette.


One of the most critical steps is the tiling. It is where you’ll want to ensure you have a professional do the job. It’s essential that this process is done correctly, or your swimming pool could leak.

Vinyl pools are made of a thick plastic liner fitted over a steel frame, and fibreglass pools are made of a fibreglass shell sprayed with a resin coating. Shotcrete is sprayed onto the shell to form the pool’s interior surfaces. Finally, the pool is finished with plaster, tile, or a waterproof surface. Each type has its unique construction process.

Coping and Decking

Coping is a term used for the edge of a swimming pool and can be made from various materials, such as stone or concrete. Tile is added to the interior and exterior of the pool, and this can be any colour or style you desire.


It’s time to make a decision now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about swimming pool construction. Are you ready to invest in your backyard oasis?

Remember, a swimming pool is a significant investment, so consult with your contractor and get all the answers before moving forward.