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Areas where Liposuction Can Be Used On the Body

The Liposuction Surgery in Hyderabad is one of the best cosmetic procedures to help you get back into your desired shape in a short stipulated time. Although liposuction candidates are required to fulfill certain criteria to qualify for the surgery such as your weight should be in the normal range and you should not have too much of loose or sagging skin to get rid of. Post-Surgery care is also an integral part of your recovery from the surgery and it provides you with optimal results.  The following tips will guide you on your road to recovery.

Different Body Types and Complaints

Most women and men carry excess body fat in certain parts of your bodies such as thighs, hips, abdomen areas also lower torso, knees, and buttocks. Liposuction is a fantastic procedure to get rid of fat from certain areas.

  • Waist – “Love handles” are a reality that both men and women have to deal with and cannot get rid of it. As the ‘waist-fat’ takes the longest time to go even with the optimal balance of exercise and diet. Waist Liposuction is indeed the solution most people are looking for and it realizes their dream of possessing a teeny-tiny waistline.
  • Flanks – Like the waist, the flank area also possesses impressive skin elasticity. When we say flank area, we mean the area right behind the small of the back and at most times the area requires proper contouring. Liposuction is a great way of providing shape to this neglected part of your body.
  • Hips –When we say hips we mean the area just below the waist toward the upper and outer area of the buttock. Most women want a curvy feminine silhouette and liposuction can help achieve that.
  • Upper Arms – As we age we have to deal with jiggly arms and one way of getting rid of that is dropping the excess fat around the area with liposuction. It robs years off your arms giving a toned and even look.
  • Lower Abdomen – We all detest the sight of muffin tops on our lower abdomen. Liposuction can tone the area if the skin is elastic around that is elastic around that area. But if the area has too fat, a tummy tuck is a better option.
  • Upper Abdomen – The upper abdomen deserves as much attention as the lower abdomen. The area in question is right from the rib cage to the belly button.
  • Buttocks– A Brazilian butt lift can reshape your butt and give it a pert and round look.
  • Inner thighs and outer thighs – Women wish to have a firm inner thigh and a thigh gap which can give them a toned look. Contouring that area is possible with liposuction. Outer thighs, also known as saddlebags require contouring and liposuction can help you achieve that.
  • Anterior Thighs – Anterior thighs require proper focus so that it is proportionate to the outer and inner thigh. Liposuction helps provide the curvature of the thighs and provide a feminine silhouette.
  • Lower Legs – Contouring lower legs is a difficult proposition as it has very little fat deposits. So, in order to maintain a uniform appearance, you require liposuction.
  • ChestGynecomastia,  is a problem that many men suffer from where the chest takes a flabbier appearance as they age. Liposuction can help tighten and tone the area. Similarly, if women want to give their bust line a boost or a firm appearance they can settle for a breast lift.
  • Back – Back fat is the toughest to get rid of and liposuction helps in that department pretty effectively.
  • Cheeks– Face fat or fat in the cheeks, is a cause for concern for both the sexes, thankfully liposuction can help give your face a contoured appearance.

6 Tips For Amazing Results from Liposuction Surgery

Start taking care of your body post-surgery and you will not only recover quickly but will also be able to notice optimum results from the surgery.

1. Follow the post-operative instructions to the T

Like any other surgery liposuction too involves a few risks and complications afterward. So, it is very important you adhere to all the post-surgery care instructions with the utmost sincerity.

2. Don’t forget to wear your compression garments after liposuction surgery

After the fat removal surgery, you will return home with a special compression garment that you will be required to wear post your surgery and as long as your doctor advises you to wear. This will help in contouring the operated area and help in the overall recovery process reducing the bleeding, swelling, and bruising.

3. Keep taking your medications on time

Take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor to avoid unnecessary infections after your surgery.

4. Stay Active after surgery

Do not sit or lie down more just because you have had a liposuction treatment. Yes, you do need to rest but you also need to gradually increase your activity levels.

5. Take care of your incisions

You will have stitches after surgery and they require your undue attention. With the doctor’s guidance, you will be required to change the bandages at regular intervals and also clean the incisions.

6. Keep a track of the symptoms

Your surgeon will list out some symptoms that you experience after liposuction surgery. Some of the symptoms are bleeding, bruising or swelling. But sometimes you may experience some other symptoms that may or may not be symptomatic of an infection. Report it immediately to your surgeon and let him/her know the details of the condition.

Finally, you have to be patient after your liposuction surgery. These symptoms take time to go away completely. The recovery process takes 2-4 weeks and that includes symptoms such as bruising bleeding and swelling. But a complete recovery, one that provides you with optimal results, can take a good 6-12 months. Yes, there isn’t any magic pill to speed up the recovery process but you will gradually notice signs and symptoms of recovery and after 12 months you would certainly see a new you in the mirror.