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Is Starburst Dangerous for Your Dog?

What exactly is Starburst?

Starburst is a popular candy among children, and it is manufactured by a well-known corporation. The smooth texture, chewiness, bite-sized shape, and sweet flavor of the candy made it a delicacy for many. As a result, it has become an unavoidable prize at festivals, trick-or-treats, and other events.

What Causes Starburst to Be Dangerous To Dogs?

Starburst contains additives that can disrupt a dog’s metabolism and cause body reactions, unlike most commercial or homemade candies. While most candies use fruits to flavor them, Starburst uses a combination of artificial flavorings, citric acid, and a lot of sugar. Given these circumstances, a high sugar content combined with other sweeteners can cause bowel abnormalities in dogs. Moreover, the pet’s sugar levels can be affected. Younger dogs will be able to overcome this, but elderly dogs will have a harder time. This is because their organs and physical survival are no longer as robust as they once were.

How Dangerous Is Starburst For Your Dog?

You can note the following modifications and side effects after your dog eats a handful of Starburst:

  • Pain

Your dog can experience moderate to severe pain depending on the amount of Starburst ingested

  • Uncomfortable

Your dog can exhibit signs of uneasiness after eating Starburst, in addition to the apparent discomfort. This is due to the candy’s high acid and sweetener content, which raises blood pressure. As a result, your dog can begin to move around a lot.

  • Appetite Suppression

Since sweets suppress appetite, a dog who eats Starburst will become less interested in food. 

  • Stomach Problems

Your pet can experience stomach irregularities, which may result in slow digestion and bowel movement. Although constipation can occur as a result of a loss of appetite, dogs can also develop diarrhea as a result of consuming too much sugar. 

  • A Life on the Line

While the most common impact of Starburst on dogs is uneasiness, this can never be seen as justification for giving them the treat. Although it isn’t as toxic as chocolate, it can also be deadly in extreme circumstances.

When a Dog Eats Starburst, What Do You Do?

  • Understand and Make a Decision

It’s best to be quiet until your dog eats Starburst. Understanding the problem first, rather than scrambling to find home remedies, would be more efficient.

  • Get advice from a vet

If you believe your pet needs veterinary treatment, the safest choice is to drive to the closest veterinarian.

  • Away from the Starburst

Since you’re already aware of the dangers of feeding Starburst to dogs, it’s safest to keep the sweets out of their reach.

  • What you can feed your dog

Banana, Cheese, Watermelon, Strawberries, and Home-made biscuit.

Final thoughts

Are dogs able to eat starburst? No, they won’t be able to. Although the magnitude of the consequences varies, the candy also has a detrimental impact on your dog’s health, particularly when significant amounts are consumed. As a result, it is preferable to opt for safer and healthier alternatives.