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What are The Benefits of Living Green Walls?

Living wall simply means something that is still very much alive and active. It is an art that adds more value and beauty to the interior and exterior of a home or property. These living green walls have lots of benefits especially when it comes to saving spaces and increasing the value of properties. They show proof of excellent design, plant selection, and even horticulture.

All homeowners have to do is look for a home decorator who can make use of better hardware to create the best designs for their living green walls. Here are the advantages of going for living green walls in the interior or exterior space in a building.

Benefits of living walls

Space efficient

The vertical landscape lets the planting of gardens indoors and outdoors spaces like apartments, foyers, terraces, and other areas in a home possible which is floor space limited. Living walls are exceptionally space-efficient as they make use of areas that could be wasted in the garden. Vertical walls could be built in the garden and it is an ideal way to expand a garden and multiply the number of plants that can be grown.

Reduce heating and cooling bills

Making use of living walls by better hardware can aid in reducing heating and cooling bills. On the exterior walls, both the budding medium and the plants kind of offer insulation and shade to the sides of a building which helps in cutting heating and cooling bills significantly in several parts of the building.

The vertical landscape aids in absorbing any gaseous pollutants including breathing in carbon dioxide via photosynthesis, while trapping any contagious airborne particles. The plants get to breathe in oxygen into the air which makes the environment cold and reduces the need for an air conditioner.

Acts as a good sound barrier

A living wall in an interior space also provides great insulation which makes it possible to act as an excellent sound barrier and greatly reduces any noise coming from outside. It is also a good protector of outdoor climatic changes hence making the space just cool and relaxed. The vertical landscapes help in protecting buildings from the ultra-violet rays of the sun and any acidic rain.

Semi outdoor or indoor garden

People can choose to plant edible plants that can be grown on the wall including herbs, salad greens, vegetables, and even fruits on their living wall which can aid in equally reducing one’s food bill. Those who also love pets like butterflies and birds can be harbored on their living wall.

They make the environment decorative and beautiful

Living walls are naturally beautiful and provide this extra beauty and glow to a home. It gives this natural look to a room that makes the home creatively attractive and artistic.

Increases the value of a property

Another advantage of having a living green wall is that it increases the value of a property. Due to its natural benefits, people will have to pay more for buildings that already a living wall setup.

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