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The Most Useful Bitcoin Fintech Services

In a world of remote working and online life, it is easier than ever to earn money from the comfort of your own home. Many have turned towards forex trading, investments in stocks or cryptocurrency as ways to diversify their financial life or to earn money. Through these trading methods, there are a number of ways to incorporate online platforms into your daily earnings. Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular avenues which people tend to take, as they offer a straightforward path to trading.

Bitcoin was created in 2009 and inspired the emergence of many other cryptocurrencies following the global financial crisis and housing prices crash. Unlike ordinary currency, Bitcoin is created, distributed, traded, and stored using a decentralized ledger system, otherwise known as a blockchain. Thanks to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has become a popular trading method for those who want to engage with new forms of finance. Our online lives have become increasingly intertwined with consumerism and major global companies. You may be surprised at some of the Bitcoin industries  where Bitcoin has gained major traction in the last several years.

Convenience is a major factor for those who choose Bitcoin. As traditional jobs are becoming more automated and the global pandemic has left many strapped for cash, people need to find quick and simple ways to invest in their futures. For this particular group, Bitcoin is a better option than forex trading, as it requires less research, less study and less knowledge to begin trading. Without any prior trading experience, you can register with a Bitcoin broker, obtain some Bitcoin and start immediately.

There are hundreds of handy online services that will kickstart your adventure with Bitcoin. But which services are actually necessary and helpful? Here’s two essential areas of potential services and tools to point you in the right direction and hopefully bring you up to speed on the current cryptocurrency world.

  • Bitcoin debit cards: The main aim of cryptocurrency is to restructure the financial world by improving transaction speed, cost, privacy, and above all, convenience. Crypto debit cards are one way to bridge the gap between traditional finance and new finance. In this way, cryptocurrency can be exchanged for spendable flat currency from a simple click or tap. If you’re interested in synchronising Bitcoin with your financial life, pay with Bitcoin debit cards. One of the major players in Bitcoin debit cards is Revolut, a UK digital bank. Since 2017, Revolut has incorporated a crypto exchange function into their debit card and app.
  • Browser plugins: Considered essential to an optimised Bitcoin experience, browser plugins cover everything from security and privacy to price tracking and budgeting. Adblock Plus helps crypto users to avoid viruses and ad-tracking, guaranteeing privacy and security. Coinmarketcap Price Ticker shows the real-time prices of up to five of your preferred cryptocurrencies right on your screen, so that you are always up to date with current pricing and exchange rates.

With all of this in mind, it is absolutely essential to take some time before diving into the world of cryptocurrencies to consider what you want to get out of it. Are you looking to make a quick buck or are you investing for the future? All of these trading methods do not equate to ‘get rich quick’ schemes, and have to be undertaken with caution. There is no easy route to bypass all of the hard work which experienced traders put in to eventually become successful and make a profit. If you are dedicated and committed to pursuing a new financial direction online, and you are willing to put in research and time, Bitcoin might become your new best friend!