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8 Creative Ways to Use LED Lights

LED lights not only help push down your electricity bills, but you can also use them to create something innovative and fun. You can play around with LED lights either at home or at work, use them to fit in with the rest of your house’s decor, light the way or even prevent thieves from robbing you from under your nose.

Here’s a couple of ways you can make use of LED lights anywhere you want:

1. Shelving

Shelves are usually great for organizing stuff, but they can also work as displays for the things they hold. Plain white LED lights are enough to do the trick, but you can also settle for Instructables and turn your boxes into color-coded showcases.

2. Furniture

You can use your LED lights to give the small spaces between your furniture and the floor to give them some personality. Just place the LED lighting strips under your furniture or else line your furniture’s bottom edges. You can either leave it white or change the color to accent the furniture.

3. LED Chandelier Lights

A few inventive touchups are all you need to give your chandelier some personality. To make this work, you’ll need to use LED Christmas string lights as well as clear crystals that you either already own or can get at an affordable price.

4. Refrigerators

Sometimes, it helps to brighten things a little bit more in your refrigerator, especially if you have food that’s turning to mold, leaves an awful smell or has been lying there for a couple of years now. Some higher-end refrigerators may already have extra bulbs in them, if you’ve got models that are old and inexpensive, you can just make a couple of your own. You can also add a motion sensor and a timer to ensure the lights aren’t always on.

5. Petal Lighted Flower Bouquet

Thanks to some creative fiddling with your LED lights, your centerpiece of flowers can look good during the night just as it does during the day. This pretty item from Love Creations incorporates the use of LED lights, a simple vase, and some paper flowers.

6. Mirrors

If you’ve always desired having mirrors that have lightbulbs on the side, then you can makeshift yours into one using white LED lighting at the edges of your mirror.

7. Stairs

Open-riser stairs look absolutely stunning with LED lights. They’re also pretty functional as a result as those gaps are really dangerous at night unless of course you happened to be blurry-eyed and don’t want to damage your retinas as a result. Instructables can show you how to get this done right.

8. Pools

LED lights are really versatile that they can also great at being waterproof lighting. Your pool or fountain can certainly use that splash (pun intended) of color to help them stand out from other household pools that don’t have them. You can also add LED lights to your sink faucet or showerhead for some cool effects.