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9 Healthful Foods that you must include in your diet to stay Healthy

Various kinds of diets are widely available today at food markets, globally. Youth and the elder generation both get fascinated by all these fancy packing and big brands of eatables. But this blind dieting can be sometimes, equally dangerous as blind dating. We should smartly pick our food, both to gain and lose weight. And even in case of fulfilling some specific deficiency, we still need to take care of other nutrients and needs of the body. We need to have a well-balanced diet that includes protein, fiber, carb, and essential vitamins and minerals also.

Because a balanced diet is a real secret for a strong and healthy body. Here we list you the 9 must have in food to stay healthy forever by the dietician in Andheri West, Mumbai.


The old Phrase ‘’ An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is so exact, even after years. The capabilities to fight free radicals, to save you from the damage, is necessary for food.


It is not very popular and very often used veg but it is full of nutrients. It is rich in vitamins like vitamin C and also vitamin k, it is also suggested that these vitamins are necessary for a healthier life span of the body.


this fruit just doesn’t only taste good gives amazing health benefits for the skin. It is often said that what we eat, is what our flesh reflects. But having the fruit will show the luster and radiance on your skin due to Vitamin E and k’s presence. Many people have been seen avoiding this food, usually because it is high in fat, but not all fats are bad, and not a good idea to ditch fats completely to reduce weight. Adding on, it also lowers the cholesterol levels. Surprisingly, a few recent types of research have found it instrumental in treating hypertension, oral cancer cells, diabetes and very helpful in destroying harmful cells.

4.Sweet potatoes:

This widely loved fruit is usually known for carbs but it balances your diet with right proportions of food essentials. It contains Vitamin A, C, B- 6, iron, calcium carbohydrates and protein. it takes a number one place for having these basic but necessary nutrients. It can also be part of a weight loss diet.

5.Oily Fish:

Nobody is unknown to the fact that how much fish oil is good for the body. The fish like trout, salmon, herring, mackerel, sardine, and anchovies are types of oily fish. Talking about why it is so healthy is due to the present omega*3 fatty acids which are really beneficial for perfect health. These fatty acids via these oils benefit the heart and condition the brain. Consuming the right amount of these elements will reduce and some case heal the inflammatory issues like arthritis.


Among Meats, having chicken is both feasible and beneficial. This is white meat and unlike red meat can be consumed more often without triggering other health issues for eating meat. But one of the major catch here is the way of cooking. Because this is the secret of getting the benefit from this like having too much of deep-fried chicken, more regularly to be evaded.


They are high in protein and one of the most famous and tastier food. Due to its multipurpose ability to get added with different meals or to be cook whole into different varieties of food like an omelet, boiled egg, curry and that not just in breakfasts but in many different meals.
Along with proteins, have Vitamins like B-2, B12, which is extremely good to control palpitations (an anxiety symptom) and increase the circulations of blood for smooth flow. It gives a good amount of energy.


If fruits are your thing, then remember that with all the required nutrients we do need antioxidants and fiber and blueberries are so rich with them. And combat diseases and foreign infections too. This full of nutrients product should be a must add in your diet for better health results.


Lentils are famous throughout the world, notably Asia. Though It takes much longer to cook then normally. The best to eat as sprouts from the pulses. it is handy eatable to consume at any time like a healthy snack. You can sprinkle some of your best spices for taste and it is perfect for lunch also. It is a very healthy snack that keeps you full and saves you from junk or extra eating.

Having these meals will definitely change the way your body had been living for years. Health Total found you the best food and for more detailed food plan according to your body and health conditions, you can definitely meet our best dietician in Andheri East, Mumbai. Stay healthy.

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