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4 Reasons Why Whirlpool Tubs are More Relaxing than Regular Baths

Most people want at least one tub in their home rather than just a shower cubicle, as it offers a completely different bathing experience. Soaking in warm or hot water is relaxing and soothing, for sure, however, for truly amazing bath time benefits there’s something even better than a regular bathtub – and that’s a whirlpool tub.

If you are not sure exactly why the hydrotherapy effects of a whirlpool tub are so much more relaxing than a regular bath just keep reading to discover the four main reasons we are convinced this is the case.

Reason 1 – Whirlpool tubs boost your circulation

The temperature and movement of the water in whirlpool tubs allows for a deeper level of relaxation than usual, which in turn improves your circulation and helps every organ in your body to work better. This means everything from your heart and brain to your skin and digestive system functions better, leading to an overall feeling of wellness and healthy looking skin a regular bath can’t equal.

Reason 2 – Whirlpool tubs help manage pain

Those living with chronic conditions such as arthritis and other joint pains will really enjoy the relief for pain which relaxing in a whirlpool bath offers. It also helps release tension and allows for greater flexibility in stiff joints.

Muscle aches and pains respond well to the relaxing rhythm the whirlpool jets introduce to the water, and the jets can be positioned to focus on areas where tension is aggravating pain. This is a great benefit for exercise fans who experience stiffness the day after working out or training hard. In these cases hotter water gets the best results, triggering better blood flow to the muscles as the blood vessels expand. Some people who live with restless leg syndrome also find a whirlpool both relaxing and therapeutic.

Reason 3 – Whirlpool baths act as a massage would

A traditional massage relaxes the muscles while encouraging toxins to be released from the body, and a whirlpool bath does the same thing. The buoyant water and bubbles support limbs, and make it easy to stretch muscles gently and enjoy the benefits of the water pressure from the jets. Over time you could well notice a boost to your immune system and a healthier digestive system.

Reason 4 – Whirlpool baths help you relax for sleep

Is there anything more frustrating than being unable to fall to sleep, or to nod off only to wake during the night and find it impossible to sleep again? You can help tackle insomnia by relaxing in a whirlpool bath a couple of hours before bed. The gentle movement of the hot water will reduce tension in your body and help clear your mind – two things which should help you sleep much better. During bath time your internal temperature is raised by the water, then afterwards it drops slowly and creates a natural feeling of sleepiness.

Why settle for a regular bath when a whirlpool tub can do so much more to relax you and boost your general health?