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Mistakes You Should Not Make When Choosing Made to Measure Suits

Choosing a proper men’s made-to-measure suit can be an exciting and wonderful experience. It is because it permits you to customize every aspect of your stunning suit to your personal preferences. However, you know there are some common errors that people make when choosing their custom suit that can lead to a less than ideal fit and overall experience.  Even when you are choosing your made to measure suits by YSG Tailors, make sure that you are thoughtful about the mistakes that generally males make when making choices.

So, this post is unfolding for you some mistakes to avoid when choosing a men’s made-to-measure suit for you:

Unaware of your measurements

One of the most critical factors in getting a great-fitting made-to-measure suit is having a proper idea about your measurements. This includes your waist, chest, hips, inseam, and arm length, amidst other measurements. In case you are unsure of your measurements, it’s perfect to visit a professional tailor or even men’s clothing store to get measured. If you simply make a guess about your measurements, it can lead to a poorly fitting suit that doesn’t look or even feel wonderful.

Not considering your body type

Everyone has a distinct body type, and it is critical you do take such a thing into account when choosing a made-to-measure suit. For example, in case you are somewhat tall and thin, you might wish to opt for a slimmer fit suit to simply emphasize your frame. In case you are broader in the shoulders or chest, you may wish to go for a more relaxed fit. Be confident to discuss your body type and even style preferences with your tailor to make sure you get a suit that appears and feels great.

Selecting the wrong fabric 

The fabric you pick for your made-to-measure suit can have a huge impact on its look and feel. Though there are many diverse fabrics to choose from, some are better suited for certain types of occasions or seasons. For example, wool is a nice choice for colder weather, while lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen are better suitable for warmer weather. Be considerate to consider the occasion and season once you are choosing your fabric, and discuss your options with your tailor to come across the best choice for your requirements.

Avoid or overlooking the details 

The details of your made-to-measure suit can make a great and big difference in its overall look and feel. This encompasses things like the stitching, buttons, and lining. Be sure to discuss such details with your tailor and pick the options that complement your style and even preferences. For example, in case you do prefer a more formal look, you might want to opt for buttons made from a more formal sort of material such as horn. Alternatively, in case you want a more casual look, you may go for buttons made from a less formal material such as wood or even plastic.


To sum up, choosing your men’s made-to-measure suit can be a good experience, but it is significant to avoid discussing common mistakes to ensure a great fit and general experience.