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How to Verify Account without Phone after Registration?

Phone verification is an obligatory procedure during registration on all websites nowadays. With the help of this verification web-sites make sure that you are a real person. A text message with a special code is sent to the directory you have specified and you need to copy this code back to the website. It is operant for a certain time only.

However, using a real phone number and a smartphone is not very convenient especially if you want to register multiple accounts for various business needs. You will not be switching a SIM card in your smartphone each time when you are registering an account.

Who Needs Account Verification without a Phone?

Why are virtual phone numbers so popular nowadays? First of all, if you do not want to share your personal directory, you can use an online SIM and make sure you are staying incognito. The main thing here is to choose a reputable virtual numb provider that cares about the safety of its clients.

However, such services are most popular among people who deal with business. If you need to reach your audience fast, the best way is to reach it through the Internet. Who does not have a smartphone, tablet or laptop nowadays? People dealing with business try to register on every popular social media platform as people spend hours there every day. Moreover, they need multiple accounts.

Please see several professions that definitely have to contend with account verification without a phone directory:

  • SEO specialists;
  • market researchers;
  • market analyzers;
  • people leading their business online;

Similar businesses can hide certain information from their rivals. Thus, using a different account will also help you to stay ‘on the wave’ and be kept up to date on what is going on.

Account Verification with a Virtual Number during Registration

To cut the short story even shorter, instead of receiving the online temporary sms to your smartphone, you will receive it to your virtual SIM provider’s page.

Having chosen a reputable company, such as OnlineSIM, you will need to register on its website.

If you are not using a free trial, replenish your balance to be able to buy virtual directories.

Choose the country you need, the number and the platform you are going to use this number with.

Start registration on the chosen platform and when it asks you about your phone numb, copy your virtual one into the corresponding field.

Receive the authentication code to your OnlineSIM page and copy it in the platform field. Verified!

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