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What Investment Should Be Made To Execute An SEO Strategy For Companies?

This is one of the million questions in the field of digital marketing and one of the most we hear in our day-to-day. The truth is that they influence a large number of factors when it comes to knowing the approximate budget to invest in an SEO strategy, so it is very difficult to venture to launch concrete figures that do nothing but contribute to generating more confusion.

But if you want to know the services and factors that influence the price of an SEO plan for companies, in our article published on SEO prices you will find very complete information that can help you to make an approximate idea. Of course, depending on the available budget and the desired scope, the investment can vary considerably. Best way to get an estimate is by reaching out to NYC SEO Company.

Should you opt for the SEO On Page or the SEO Off Page?

This is another question that a large number of companies ask when they contact SEO agencies when they decide to improve the positioning of their digital project. And answer is always the same: it is not advisable to neglect neither side of SEO but to carry out a combination of both to gain greater strength in the search engines.

Actually, the ideal way would be to start with the optimization of the web “from within” through different important actions such as the improvement of loading speed, the creation of valuable content, the placement of HTML headers ( H1 , H2, H3 … ), the repair of broken links, the generation of a clean and tidy sitemap.xml , among many other On Page factors that influence the positioning in Google and other search engines.

Once the main On Page actions were completed, it would be the ideal time to get inbound links with the aim of increasing traffic even more, as well as increasing the authority of domain. Remember that within an SEO Off Page strategy, it is preferable to opt for the quality of links over quantity, since Google increasingly takes this factor into account when positioning different websites.

Likewise, links coming from websites that deal with a similar topic also acquire special relevance, since Google also considers the context and relates both pages interpreting that the destination is of interest to the user.

Therefore, in SEO for companies, what we always recommend is to carry out a combined strategy between On Page and Off Page with proper planning and execution of actions in order of priority, depending on the current characteristics and conditions of the web.

Hire SEO for companies: a service with an increasing demand

Dispute the first positions in the search engines against other competing companies becomes a more complicated task with the passage of time because more and more businesses are betting on natural positioning to get more visibility and attract more users with the goal to show them the products or services they offer.

The time has come to say goodbye after showing you the main characteristics and factors that influence SEO for companies. And you, do you have any experience related to this aspect of digital marketing applied to business? Do you think that the search engine positioning is fundamental to boost the sales of any type of company?

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