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Fashion Trends of Wedding Dresses in 2021

If you plan a wedding in 2021, you should consider this year’s fashion trends in wedding look. Remember that fashion is a changeable and capricious thing, and a strong desire to please fashion does not guarantee you a stylish choice.

Place the accents correctly. When choosing a Cathytelle wedding dress, the primary vector, as for the entire women’s wardrobe, too, are personal styles, self-awareness, body, and a comfortable lifestyle. The right choice of wedding dress emphasizes your personality’s richness while skillfully highlighting the figure’s characteristics. Consider fashion, but do not focus on it all 100 percent.

This year, the big creative hearts of world-famous fashion designers place fashion accents as follows.

Short Dresses

This year’s universality is the central rule. For this course, short wedding dresses will fit perfectly. This model will entirely comply with the main dress rules and can be an additional evening replacement for a day dress at the same time.

When you’re choosing the length of the dress, should focus on the silhouette of the figure. Slender girls of sports type, probably, will determine the shortest models just for an active celebration. The owners of luxurious thighs will be able to emphasize them with a medium-length skirt successfully.

  • A short skirt emphasizes the youth and lightness of the bride.
  • Due to the length of the dress, it is easier to tolerate heat.
  • The bottom of the dress will not get dirty or torn.
  • Freedom of movement ensures against falling through a long skirt
  • The naked beauty of your feet will achieve his heart.

A wedding dress with a short skirt is an additional opportunity to make the ceremony diverse and add playfulness to the bride’s image.

Lush sleeves

Another fashion trend is lush sleeves. That is a fashion from the 80ths, which will make your image bright and memorable. But if you have broad shoulders, then better to abandon this model. On the other hand, only tall girls will feel comfortable with flashlight sleeves.


Also trendy dresses with capes and bolero. The ideal solution when you can easily remove such an element of the wedding dress. Long mantle allows you to make the bride’s image more dramatic, and photos will be gorgeous.

The snow-white fur cape will add luxury to the image and warm the bride. Lacy bolero will protect the fragile shoulders from the scorching sun on the sandy beach. And practicality always implies a good choice.


In this year’s wedding fashion, three-dimensional images of flowers adorning the dress are especially relevant. The gown can be decorated with embroidery, openwork elements or bright Swarovski beads, etc. Flowers can enhance both the whole dress and a separate part of it. Embroidery always involves handwork. Tailoring a personal dress with handmade wedding embroidery in the Cathytelle workshop will become a real piece of art. The main caveat for a dress with flowers is not to overdo it with the number of peaks. You should choose accessories with care and not too much.

Layered skirts

If you want to buy a lush but not very heavy dress, the model with a layered skirt is perfect. This skirt’s shape can be chosen differently, depending on the silhouette that will suit you best. Many layers of luxurious organza will add exciting overflows and magic to the image of the bride.

The airiness of the material allows you to create any volume. And this is another opportunity to emphasize a slim waist. The organza is entirely breathable, so the dress is also suitable for a wedding in hot weather. An exciting feature of layered skirts is the rustle that is creating by the bride’s moving.

Transparent wedding dress

At first glance, this dress seems vulgar and ugly. But it’s not so. Such models are elegant, emphasize the silhouette, in no way revealing intimate spots. Dresses of body shades, like a second skin with intricate lace lines, show the beauty of the body, causing only admiration.


Note that a sizeable lush bow can be placed in different places. It can be the back, shoulder, furthermore even the chest. You need to choose a place depending on the type of figure and what you want to emphasize.

This element of decoration is very demanding. You need to choose accessories carefully and the bride’s bouquet to not change the accents and create aesthetic chaos.

Wedding pants

“Wedding pants are too much!” you exclaim. And you will not be quite right. After all, everything new is a well-forgotten old. Remember Bianca Jagger’s wedding in 1970, when she appeared at St. Tropez Church in a white suit by Yves Saint Laurent and a veiled hat. Of course, it was the early 70’s, the very height of the women’s feminist movement, but Bianca was and still is one of the most elegant and beautiful brides.

And what about the bride’s wedding accessories? To soften the costume’s strict lines, you need to make soft curls, maybe just wavy hair, and wear elegant wedding jewelry. And, of course, don’t forget to wear sexy high heels. However, you should always care to the growth of your future husband. If it is not high enough, do not put it in an awkward position.


Finally, a few little practical tips:

– Take a digital camera with you and be sure to take a picture of yourself in every wedding dress you like. It will give you the chance to naturally look at yourself from the side in a particular wedding dress and appreciate the best option.

– You should have a minimum of makeup during the bride-fashion-struggling: wipe off the lipstick and cut your hair.

– Immediately inform the seller of the amount you are willing to spend to buy a wedding dress;

– Take as advisers only those people whose taste you trust, but not more than two people. Otherwise, you will easily get confused by a large number of different opinions.

And a special one: don’t worry and, for God’s sake, – just be happy!