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Can Rare Carat Help with Diamond Cleaning and Maintenance Tips?

The simplest answer to this question is “Yes, it can”. Rare Carat is a trusted brand today with hundreds of customers depending on it for buying and maintaining diamond jewelry. When you buy good-quality diamonds, you should also learn about diamond maintenance tips. 

Many people think that diamonds do not require cleaning. But, in reality, just like any other object, a diamond too gathers dust over time. The only difference is that diamonds do not look shabby. Do not let the gleaming countenance of a diamond deceive you. If you keep it in a closet, it needs cleaning.  

When you ask people about diamond cleaning ideas, they might offer you all sorts of hacks. But, do not pay attention to What others say when it comes to caring for your precious diamond ring. Reach out to the experts of Care Carat who can help you keep your diamond ring clean and as good as new. 

Care Cerate Helps Identify Harmful Cleaning Agents

Before you learn how to clean a piece of exquisite diamond jewelry, you should first learn about the products you should never use. Take the expert advice of Care Carat and the professionals will guide you through the process. 

Generally, when you look for ideas for cleaning diamonds, people might suggest mild soap, detergent, cleaning agents, and even toothpaste. 

But, many of these products contain chemicals that might harm the metal holding your diamond or the scent stone. Consult with Care Carat experts to avoid using these products for diamond maintenance.  

Care Carat Helps Choose Diamond Cleaning Products

For handcrafted diamond rings or any other piece of diamond jewelry, you should know the right cleaning products. Care Carat experts suggest using a toothbrush and mild soap without added fragrances and moisturizing chemicals. 

You can also rely on a jewelry cleaning kit to keep your precious stone bright and shining. The bottom line is even body soaps and hand soaps with added aroma are not the right choice for diamond care. You need something gentle and mild that will no way reach with the stone or the metal that holds it. 

Care Carat Offers Easy Diamond Cleaning Solutions

Once you know which products to avoid and which ones to use, it is time that you finally clean the diamond. Cleaning your precious stone is simple. Mix any mild dish soap in small quantities with water and apply this solution with the toothbrush on the diamond. 

Rub gently and the diamond will regain its sparkle within a few moments. Once done, take a dry, clean cotton cloth and wipe the jewelry until it turns dry and begins to shine brighter. 

The Diamond care experts will always suggest using soap with the least chemicals and added aromatic ingredients.

No matter if you are looking for a gorgeous solitaire, a halo, or a three-stone ring, Care Carat can help you find the best collection of handcrafted diamond rings at reasonable prices.

 Care Carat expertscompare millions of natural and lab-made diamonds to help you choose precious stones of different sizes, weights, shapes, and cuts.