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Table and Chair Height Guidelines

You may think of buying a table or a chair. Before buying, you should have some idea. Standard chair and table heights differ between companies and countries. So it is very important to check complete dimensions before buying furniture in the online marketplace or taking your own measurements. You may contact the contractor to take the measurements of your free space and offer a recommendation for the best table and chair height and size for your design and you can also use stainless steel table legs and make it look more strong and attractive.

If you want your guests to feel natural and have some space to move their legs and arms, you should match your table and chair height. So it is very important. Below we will be listing the general standard of the table and chair height for dining, living rooms, offices,etc. You can also calculate the best chair and table size for your room.

Now we will be discussing different kinds of table and chair height guidelines:

Standard Table Height

Do you know the standard height of a table?

There is no particular industry standard for table height, though many companies make furniture in line with regular table and chair heights sold in their country. In every situation, doing measurement and calculation is important if you are trying to match the chair and table from different suppliers.

Below there is a table where you will have some idea about recommendation height of a table.

Standard Table Type Standard Height  (inches) Average Height Range (inches) Standard Height
Coffee Table 20 inches 18-21 inches 51 inches
Side Table 24 inches 22-31 inches 61 inches
Dining Table 28 inches 27-30 inches 71 inches
Kitchen Table 30 inches 28-31 inches 76 inches
Counter Table 37 inches 34-40 inches 94 inches
Nightstand Table 26 inches 24-29 inches 66 inches
Office Desk 28 inches 27-30 inches 71 inches
Bathroom Counter 33 inches 30-35 inches 83 inches
Console Table 30 inches 25-40 inches 76 inches

Standard Chair Height

As like table height, there has no definite industry standard for chair heights.

Chair heights are generally in the range of 17 inches to 19 inches or 42 cm to 47cm from the top of the seat to the chair leg. These chair height would fit under tables from 28-31 inches or 71 cm to 77cm.

It is recommended to allow at least 9 inches to 13 inches between your chair seat and the table for comfortable seating. This allows your guests to cross their legs under the table comfortably. Restaurant furniture like bar stools will be higher off the ground and therefore you must accommodate for the bar or table.

Standard Chair Type Standard Height  (inches) Average Height Range (inches) Standard Height
Bar Chair 30 inches 28-32 inches 76 inches
Desk Chair 18 inches 17-20 inches 45 inches
Counter Chair 26 inches 24-27 inches 66 inches
Kitchen Table Chair 18 inches 17-20 inches 45 inches
Dining Table Chair 18 inches 17-20 inches 45 inches

Standard Table & Chair Heights Calculations

There are some examples below of comfortable heights of standard dining heights. For more space, we need to consider benches as a seating choice.

Standard Dining Table Heights 27 inches 28 inches 29 inches 30 inches 32 inches 36 inches 40 inches
Standard  Dining Table Heights 16-19 inches 16-19 inches 17-20 inches 17-21 inches 19-22 inches 22-27 inches 28-33 inches

Measuring Table & Chair Height

Standard table height measurements are measured from the ground to the top of the table. That means you must consider a lower chair height if you want to have a thick table top or hanging counter.

Standard chair height measurements are taken from the ground to the top of the seat surface. You do not consist of the height of the chair back in your measurements unless you design to slide seats fully under the table.

Guidelines for the professional woodworkers

If you’re a professional woodworker then you should maintain the right height for the table and chair for different purposes. You will need some tools to cut the chair and table as a professional woodworker. For further information and details about the tools you can check out

The best choice for woodworking could be a hybrid table saw. There are some other saws for the professionals. In order to cut precisely, you must maintain the preferred ratio of chair & table and standard sizes too. Please check the best table saw before you purchase.

Hope you enjoyed a lot throughout the guidelines of Chair and Table heights. You can maintain our guidelines and decide the perfect height for your needs.

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