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Test Your Internet: Best Internet Speed Tests of 2022

Knowing your internet speed is imperative whether you operate from home or in a hybrid environment. You need to switch your plans or upgrade the subscriptions based on your requirements. Unless you have an idea of your internet connection’s available bandwidth and overall speed, making a call turns out to be guesswork.

You can get your internet speed tested on some reliable websites. However, it is imperative to follow the correct test methodology too. When you have a reliable and stable connection from a provider like Rango, you may want to verify whether the connection lives up to your expectation. Check out the different internet plans at

Let’s delve deeper into internet speed testing, its importance, and how to go about it.

Why do you need to test your internet speed?

Whether you are an individual or a corporate user, you might need to get your internet speed tested for various reasons.

  •     Firstly, it’s logical to verify whether your internet service provider offers the committed bandwidth.
  •     You need to check whether or not the bandwidth needs an upgrade. With more devices around, it makes sense to get a more robust bandwidth.
  •     Of late, you might have new users connected to your network. This might take a toll on the overall speed of the internet.
  •     Checking the speed of your connection also enables you to inspect metrics like download or upload speed or ping rate.

Principles of checking your internet speed

Simply visiting a website to check your internet speed wouldn’t be sufficient. Here’s the best strategy to adopt when you check your internet speed to achieve better accuracy.

  •     When you conduct the internet speed test, make sure to use multiple devices. This will inform you whether the slow connection issue has anything to do with a particular device or your connection as a whole.
  •     Carry out internet speed tests under ideal conditions as well as the normal ones. Under normal conditions, the number of devices that you connect to a network would be the same as you use daily. However, under ideal conditions, the network might have less load.
  •     To avoid any chances of ambiguity, recheck the speed when you upload and download files.
  •     Carry out the test several times throughout the day. Some connections work well at specific times during the day, while they tend to lag during the rest. This largely depends on how other subscribers around your locality use the internet.

Best websites to check your internet speed in 2022

Here are some of the most reliable websites where you can get your internet speed checked.


If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of your internet speed with all the particulars, will help you with reliable information and analytics. The results are both accurate and comprehensive.

However, the only drawback of this website is its confusing user interface. It could be simpler, but the website has tried to make the reports comprehensive. Therefore, bearing with the complications would be worth your effort.

At, you can also compare your speed test results by considering the average score of your locality and city as the parameter.


If you are not ready to use complicated interfaces, try out The website is straightforward to use. However, the results are not too independent, given that Netflix owns

For online streamers, can be a great choice. The reason is that the developers have configured this website so that it can check whether or not the connection can seamlessly stream Netflix without buffering. Now, considering the high resolution of videos that Netflix offers, the parameter should be reliable enough,

3. SpeedOf.Me

If the consistency of your connection matters to you the most, you should try out SpeedOf.Me. This website showcases the download speed, upload speed, and ping rate. Besides, you will get to know how consistent your internet connection is. You will also come across a history section when you carry out the test. This will enable you to compare your internet’s current speed with the results you obtained during the previous tests.

Corporate offices and organizations often count on this website due to its accurate and reliable results. Particularly, when you want to know the consistency of your connection during gaming or video conferences, you should trust this website.

4. Internet Health Test

Do you need additional insights on your internet speed beyond the standard parameters like ping rate, upload speed, and download speed? If so, you can try out the Internet Health Test to examine how consistent your network can be under different scenarios.

This is an easily navigable website, where you can benefit from more data points as compared to some of the other websites. Internet Health Test is a versatile site where you can choose a host from different locations. This further enables the internet user to get the speed test customized. However, you won’t come across any feature for data logging on this website.

5. Selectra Speed Test

If you are looking for a symmetric test for your internet, go for the Selectra Speed Test. As much as the website is easy to use, you need not deal with any heavy technical issues to access the necessary data points.

The results obtained through the Selectra Speed test are accurate and reliable. You can even test the connection speed on your mobile handset through this website.


If you choose one of the reputable internet service providers, such as Rango, you will want to test your internet speed. It’s no surprise that the ISP is dependable and consistently delivers a steady speed across all of its packages. You can simply use one of the internet speed test websites listed above to get the speed tested. This way, you can rest assured that the ISP will deliver its promised bandwidth.