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Simple Guide to Choosing your Dream Wedding Dress

Every woman has dreamt about her wedding dress and how she wants it to be. From minor specifications to the tiniest bits of details; envisioning how you want to look at your big day, is one of the most exciting things in life. 

But when the time comes; feeling overwhelmed is just an understatement. Finding the right gown that resonates with what you have thought of is very stressful and challenging. But hang on. We are here to help you. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

No matter what style you are looking for or what budget you have; the following tips will help you make the right pick for yourself. 

Do Extensive Research:

Stroll through different boutiques, research online stores like Avery Austin, or get inspiration through magazines to connect an idea with reality. From Pinterest to Instagram celebrities; you have a lot of inspiration that lies just a click away. It will help you understand what you are exactly looking for and then you can bring ideas together. 

Be Open-Minded:

Do not box your thoughts to something specific. You might walk into a store planning to pick one gown but then you might fall in love with something else. It is completely normal. From your wedding dress to your jewelry, be open to new choices. For example, you might be planning to buy a ruby ring but you might end up planning to buy pearl rings online with PurpleMay Jewellery Store Never limit yourself. 

Shop according to your Size:

Always shop according to your size. If you are slim, make sure you are opting for a perfect fitting. Even if you are planning to lose weight, make sure you do not go beyond regular measures to set unrealistic measurements. You can always request the boutique to do the fittings later on when you try the dress. Stay true to your size when shopping as it lessens your headache later on. 

Start Early:

Never leave the bridal gown shopping at the end. Always start months before the big day. It must be produced and ready to try on, at least a month or two before your wedding. It gives you a chance to try it on and request changes if any. 

Always have a Budget:

Always have a budget before you start hunting for wedding dresses. If you step inside the market without a fixed price that you want to spend on the dress; you will end up spending a lot more than you should. A budget also helps you limit your choices and it can help you in making a pick faster. 


Plan your wedding dress theme and start hunting down for the perfect wedding dress for your big day. It might seem a bit stressful. But go slow and steady and always be open to new ideas and inspriations.