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SANMARINE says: How and when to take care of your skin?

Then you are at the right place!

-“Isn’t it too early…?”
-“How will it help me at my age? Isn’t it too late?”
And other frequently asked questions like that. Let’s figure it out: at what age should we start caring for our skin?

The first care can be started from 8-9 years when the sebaceous glands begin their activity. Children’s skin is susceptible and can react negatively to serious products, so Sanmarine recommends using only cleanser and tonic at this age.

At the age of 15-16, the skin type already becomes clear. Adolescent skin is often problematic. Therefore, you need to consult a cosmetologist and determine the skin type correctly. With the wrong remedies, you can get acne even if you are not prone to it. Do you want that? We think not.
If you find out that you have normal, combination, or dry skin type – we recommend using HYDRA-SILK CREAM from Sanmarine. It will help you restore, moisturize your skin and make it soft as silk.

The next significant period is 23-25 ​​years. At this age, the first complaints may appear, such as dryness, hypersensitivity, and loss of elasticity. But don’t worry! Pay attention to complete care. We recommend holding it twice a day, and our tools will help you with this:
– Facial cleansing (DEEP CLEANSER GEL)
– Toning the skin (FRESHNESS TONER)
– Applying face cream (HYDRA VOLUME CREAM)
– Have a separate cream for the area around the eyes (FRESH-EYE GEL)
Then your skin will look like you are 18 years old.

The turning point – 30 years – or the so-called “news” when we first realize that our beauty is not eternal! What to do in this case? At this point, it is imperative to start using professional and effective anti-aging cosmetics:
– WHITE OYSTER CREAM – the cream moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.
– EYE OYSTER GEL – increase elasticity in the area around the eyes.
– Also good to add serums. For example – REPLETION SERUM by Sanmarine.

40 years old – the lack of lipids in the skin begins. Dryness appears, the skin becomes rough, and wrinkles are easier to “fix”. Sanmarine products will help you keep your beauty as long as possible:
– APPLE FACE CREAM – instantly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
– EYE CREAM WITH APPLE STEM CELLS – eliminates dark circles, relieves swelling, and improves the skin’s elasticity around the eyes.
– SERUM WITH APPLE STEM CELLS – rejuvenates the skin

50 and more years is a period of a sharp decrease in hormonal levels and a faster change in skin condition! Gradually, the number of age spots and wrinkles increases, and elasticity indicators decrease, the oval of the face becomes less clear. We choose the most potent anti-aging care:
– POLYPEPTIDE DAY CREAM – restores firmness and elasticity of the skin.
– POLYPEPTIDE NIGHT CREAM – provides deep hydration and improves complexion.
– POLYPEPTIDE EYE CREAM – rejuvenates the skin, eliminates dark circles, and relieves skin swelling around the eyes.

At different ages, facial skin has unique needs. They need to be considered when choosing caring cosmetics. You can easily maintain a well-groomed appearance on your face with proper care.

We wish you all to be beautiful and young for as long as possible!
Yours, Sanmarine