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Jobs You Can Get with Human Resources Degree

Unless you have an extremely strong passion or have had a decision made for a long time, you’ll likely have a tough time picking a career. There is so much choice in today’s world, and it’s easy to understand. What is recommended, however, is getting into an industry that is growing and developing. 

A Growing Industry

An example of a growing industry is human resources. But why is this? Every major company needs an HR department. This is because a company can only be as good as its employees, so good HR specialists are so sought after. Due to the high demand, it is currently an extremely ideal role to get involved in. A Bachelor of Science in Human Resources is the best way to be appropriately qualified for any potential jobs. But what are some of the jobs you can get?  

Human Resource Specialist

A human resource specialist is responsible for the recruitment of employees to the company. You must ensure they are appropriately skilled for the role. Depending on the company’s preference, how much of the recruiting you do is variable. An HR specialist’s common actions in the hiring process are writing job advertisements, looking at resumés and checking references, and interviewing clients. They will also have a number of responsibilities regarding current staff members. They include answering company questions, dealing with payroll, and offering support for employees if needed. The average pay of a human resource specialist is over $60,000. 

Human Resource Managers

Becoming a human resource manager usually requires a few years of working in the HR field and getting a promotion. Some manager positions will also require a master’s degree. Due to the step-up in the role, you will also have additional responsibilities as a manager. This can involve organizing benefit plans, working with fellow managers in the company, and deciding on disciplinary action. An average salary of an HR manager is about $110,000. 

Training and Development Specialist/Managers

One area of specialization in HR is training and development. The role will see you working with managers and executives to help understand what skills the company needs. From here, you will then design and conduct training courses. You can then have the opportunity for progression after working in this role for a number of years. A training and development manager is something you can achieve after good work and time spent in your previous role. Your responsibilities would consist of overlooking the work of specialists and constructing your own training courses. The average wage of a training and development specialist is $60,000, while a manager can expect to make about $115,000. 

Compensation and Benefits Specialist/Manager

The role of a compensation and benefits specialist includes several responsibilities. They include deciding on fair salaries, understanding the legal requirements of a company, and having reports for the managers and other HR team members. Promotion to manager could see you take on additional responsibilities such as choosing insurance providers, investment managers, and creating budget plans.