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The Blount Small Ship Adventures Experience

Only those who have ever gone on a cruising expedition know the fun and the adventure that the experience brings. The breath-taking blue skyline depicts romantic, beautiful scenery. Not to mention the refreshing ocean breeze, the adventure, and luxury that only a reputable cruise ship can provide.

Great Lakes Cruises understands that such an experience in a small cruise ship is comparable to none. That’s why at Blount Small Ship Adventures, they have dedicated over half a century to providing this wonderful experience to honeymooners, voyagers, and adventurers alike. If you plan to take a small ship cruise in North America through the Great Lakes, here is a glimpse of what the Blount Small Ship Adventures has in store for you.

Personalized Experience

Their two cruise ships, the Grand Marine and Grand Caribe, each have a limited capacity for 83 passengers. This means that your voyaging experience with Blount is more exclusive, personalized, and unique. The staff delights in pampering and ensuring our guests experience maximum comfort.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite cocktail on the deck while watching the sunset or have your hot chocolate brought to your room in the morning, we are at your service 24/7. We understand that tastes and preferences vary from each individual, so we have everything tailored to meet every guest’s unique needs. Whether you’re into history, birding, architecture, or just seeking to enjoy a quiet time aboard the Blount, we have something for everyone.

Flexible Voyage

The Blount Small Ship Adventures are new water vessels designed in line with the latest technology and innovation with retractable pilot houses that enable them to navigate the Great Lakes seamlessly. The Grand Marine and Grand Caribe can comfortably navigate through narrow canals, locks, rocks, and external ports, an advantage that is limited only to small ships. Therefore, a Blount Small Ship Adventures experience promises to take you through the iconic Erie Canal. That’s something you will never experience with larger vessels.


Blount Small Ship Adventures will take you on a tour of unique ports and incredible tourist attractions across the Great Lakes. From Niagara Falls to an extraordinary blend of nature, culture, history, and bustling metropolitan centers, Blount Small Ship Adventures experience leaves nothing to chance.


The Great Lakes boasts modern and historical cities, each with an industrial, cultural, and agricultural endowment. From lighthouses to ensure safe navigation of ships, native American cultures, modern rivers, museums, performing arts centers, shopping malls, and multiple tourist destinations, we deliver what we promise.


Inside the Grand Caribe and Grand Marine, we provide an open seating plan for casual dinners so you can interact and socialize with other travelers. We also have private dining options if you want to enjoy a romantic dinner evening in a quiet, intimate setting. Lunch and dinner comes with complimentary beer and round the clock supply of coffee, soft drinks, pastries, and snacks. 

Onboard Amnesties

We provide bicycle and Kayak rentals on-board so you can explore different ports at each stopover. There are also special amnesties and enrichment programs such as photography lessons and in-depth explanations of the local cultures, history, and wildlife by local lecturers and historians. Blount Small Ship Adventures experience has so much to offer that merely mentioning them here won’t do it justice. Booking your next vacation trip with them will surely leave you with a lifetime of memories you won’t soon forget!