Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Address to Impress: Why You Should Be Careful Where You Base Your Company

Given that much emphasis is now placed upon online presence, it can be all too easy to overlook the importance of having a physical office for your business. Let alone where that office should be located. Here we will discuss the reasons why you should still consider where your company is based.

Make the best impression you can

Firstly, it is important to remember that first impressions really do matter. Customers and contacts are encouraged to research companies they are considering dealing with for their own reassurance. Whilst an address may be an afterthought, the amount of information in the public domain has never been greater. Google Maps can show the exact location and in turn inform the user’s opinion of your credibility. Of course, the impression you wish to give will vary depending on the nature of your company. For example, a trade with premises on an industrial estate may be reassuring. However, the same location for professional services may be a cause for concern.

A residential address may not be the most appropriate route either. As well decorated as your living room may be, it is not a suitable environment for conducting client meetings and so forth. The aim is to leave clients confident in our abilities and professionalism. An office is still the best way to achieve this. It also avoids the placement of personal addresses in the public record, helping with work life balance.

Other considerations

An additional benefit of having an office address is that it can help improve your SEO strategy. An address can be added to your business page on search engines which can then increase your relevance to the algorithm. Using an office address also mitigates issues surrounding post and security. Office buildings will have some sort of security system in place, even in the absence of physical security officers. There are also processes for the handling of post in a secure and confidential manner. This may be of relief for clients as it mitigates the chance of sensitive material going astray. 

One of the positives of a residential address is that of reduced costs. Whilst we make no argument against this, we would state that having a professional address needn’t be as expensive as you might think. There are options to hire offices for different lengths of time for a fraction of the cost of buying a building. They include furniture, phone line, internet, and equipment in the same package. Combine impressive space with desirable location using serviced offices in Victoria

This way costs are one manageable fee, and you can focus more energy on your business.

The reasons outlined here are but a few behind getting an office, but we’re sure you’ll agree are the most compelling. Being a startup or having a lower budget need not be barriers to an impressive work environment. Nor should having a foothold in a sought after location be only for those already enjoying stratospheric success. Research the options available to you and put your best foot forward with an address with curb appeal for your company.

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