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The Benefits of Using A Humidifier During the Winter

During the winter in Australia, the air in houses gets so cold. Homes built with poor insulation are even worse because the bricks tend to absorb the heat from the places. In most cases, such houses are suitable for the summer but not good for the winter. During summer, there is a need to cool the air in the place while people try to warm up the house in the winter. A home should be built with effective insulation such that it does not lose warmth during the winter.

In the world today, people use the latest technology to heat their houses during the winter. Although air conditioners are widely used, they come along with some side effects. Making the air in the house so dry is one of them. Heating systems in buildings tend to dry out the air inside, even in the moistest places. For such reasons, people should consider the use of the best air humidifiers during the winter.

There are several types of humidifiers, including;

  • Central humidifiers are used together with the air conditioners.
  • Impeller humidifiers are used in homes as they are child friendly.
  • Vaporizers- air is blown past evaporating water.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers- vibrations are used to create vapor instead of electricity.
  • Steam vaporizer which uses steam to humidify.

The benefits of a humidifier in the winter months

1. The best humidifiers prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses

As opposed to the heating systems, which leave the air hot but dehydrated, a humidifier during the winter season makes the air in a house warm but with some moisture. It has been proven that viruses and bacteria have low progression in moist areas in areas with dry air. Humidifiers, in this case, will help lower the infections from airborne viruses.

The benefit comes at a very crucial timing. The virus causing COVID-19 has several minutes that it serves in the air after leaving the human mouth. In humid places, you will find that the infection rate is lower than that of places with dry air.

2. Humidifiers prevents you from getting a dry skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body and is exposed to so many risk factors. When exposed to arid environments, it loses its moisture and starts chapping and even cracking at times. Heating systems make rooms warmer, yes, but the humidity is all taken out.

A humidifier during the winter season tends to replace the water lost and prevents you from having dry, itchy, and pale skin. Apart from the dry skin, dry air will cause other discomforts such as irritating eyes, cracked lips, and dryness in the airways. Your hair, too, needs some moisturized air. Dry air causes the hair to dry out, break and fall off.

3. Humidifiers help reduce snoring

Some people breathe through the mouth as they sleep. When there is dry air in the house, you cannot help, but they will be inhaling dry air. This is one of the causes of snoring. To avoid such occurrences, use a humidifier. It will moisturize the air so that as you inhale it, it has a lot of moisture, and the chances to snore are reduced.

4. A humidifier makes your house feel warmer

Humidifiers are meant to emit water vapor into the air. Their main job is to moisturize the dry air. As they do so, they also give the air a warmer feeling because the vapor Is scalding when emitted. People who understand that the heating systems end up drying the air consider using humidifiers instead.

5. The best humidifiers relieve allergy issues.

For so many years, humidifiers have been used to relieve symptoms of flu and common colds. During the winter, it is so cold that symptoms such as allergies are on the rise. A house that uses a humidifier is less likely to have flu and cold infections, unlike a home that uses the heating system.

Humidifiers also prevent allergens such as dust from settling in the house, making it much safer for people. People who have asthma always find humidifiers helpful as they ease their breathing. You may know that the air is quite dry when you experience a bloody nose, sinus headaches, and frequent coughs.

6. Humidifiers help protect your wooden furniture

When wood is subjected to relatively harsh and dry air, it tends to dry out and crack. When there is a lot of moisture, too, the wood tends to swell. You have heard instances where wooden doors are completely stuck after the winter, right? It is because of the swelling of the wood. A humidifier ensures that the air is not too dry to cause cracks on the wooden furniture.The best humidifier in Australia will help you ensure that your furniture and doors are intact even after the winter.

7. Humidifiers are suitable for indoor plants

If you are a green nature lover, you probably have some indoor plants in your home. What do you do when it is winter, and you need your home warm? Will you leave them to weather and dry up? Unlike a heating system, a humidifier ensures that the house is warm, but there is enough moisture in the air. That is all that your indoor plants need to continue doing well through the cold season. They also get to experience the benefits of a humidifier.

Bottom line

Having known the benefits of a humidifier, it is essential to look out for the best humidifier in Australia to enjoy them. If you are worried that you will have to go window-shopping, then worry no more. Australia is graced with so many online sellers that will sell you and deliver the best humidifiers for office or home needs.

It is also necessary to understand the different types of humidifiers, how they work, and what is suitable for your home or office. Going through a buying guide will give you tips for a better purchase.