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Marijuana Smokers

Tips for Beginner Marijuana Smokers

Marijuana has many slang names and codes such a 4:20, weed, ganja, pot, kush, cannabis, hash among many more. It is the mix of dried leaves, seeds, stems and flowers that come from the Cannabis hemp plant. Weed’s main ingredient is THC (delta -9-tetrahydrocannabinol) whose amount has been increased in marijuana products over the years to create higher euphoric feeling after consumption.

The most common way of taking marijuana is through smoking the blunt like a regular cigarette or using a pipe else known as a bong. Over time many other methods have evolved, such as adding it to food, using it as a baking ingredient as well as brewing it as tea.

Weed has been legalised in more than 30 countries while others are still on the debate on whether to authorise it or not. Before then, it was quite difficult to buy quality hybrid weed products such as shatter and indica openly as it is these days. Buy shatter online, Canada as you wait at the comfort of your house for delivery.

It is essential to be well aware of the effects of marijuana as beforehand to prepare you on what to expect. Some of the effects of smoking pot include paranoia, dry mouth, munchies, impaired judgement, and addiction to mention a few. Are you a beginner marijuana smoker? Or are you looking for a reputable supplier? Bc dispensary online never disappoints!
Below are some of the tips that might be helpful to you as you;

  1. Smoke with people you know– You do not want your first time to be pathetic, do you? Hence find a group that you can easily be open with and are ready to teach you more tricks.
  2. Buy quality blunts– Find dealers that are authorised to do the business and who sell quality products.
  3. Remember to inhale– You might be wondering why you are not getting high while smoking pot, most often than not it is because you are not doing it the right way.
  4. Blow your smoke away from people– You may irritate the ones you are smoking with when you blow your exhaled smoke towards them.
  5. Know your limits– Do not be carried away with the crowd. Do not let them lure you into smoking more than you can handle.
  6. Have food and water by your side– Some of the side effects of weed are mouth dryness and hunger pangs, ensure that you hydrate as much as possible. As for food, the hunger pangs will make you see food as gold!
  7. Watch out– Be very cautious of getting addicted to marijuana. The more you become a pro in using it, the more you want more of it. It may be difficult to stop it as withdrawal symptoms won’t be sympathetic with you at all!
  8. Keep yourself fresh– Weed smoke is not pleasant to some, ensure that you have a mild spray that you will use after your sessions to curb it.