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Flexible Vitamin Pouches Can Reduce Shipping Costs

Reducing the production costs of vitamins and supplements can make a significant impact in sales and customer access to products. Whether you’re introducing a new multivitamin or searching for ways to reduce the cost of a traditional supplement, find out how the latest advances in flexible packaging is changing the way vitamin pouches are being produced.

What Are Flexible Pouches?

For many vitamin distributors, packaging remains a costly item. Durable, convenient and safe packaging requires a significant investment in design and production. If you’re not ready for a bulk order, the costs can be even more significant. These costs reflect the additional time and expense necessary for traditional printers to create plates, adjust presses and roll out your new packaging.

Flexible pouches are made using the latest digital pouch printing technology. Through the use of a digital printer, pouches and customized packaging is made to order with reduced waste, detailed graphics, airtight designs and prompt turnaround times.

Look out for new advances in this technology. Digital printing is at the forefront of packaging, and new technologies and strategies are being implemented to improve the entire line of manufacturing. Whether you’re looking to keep up with the competition or pull ahead with the latest in cost-saving and value-adding technology, you’ll want to check out flexible packaging.

Reduced Production Costs

Flexible pouches are made to order. Because the entire process is digital, flexible packaging doesn’t require any plate fees or bulk order requirements. From a simple PDF file your packaging provider can setup and print small, medium or large orders for immediate distribution.

If you have a short-term promotion or seasonal marketing campaign, adjust your packaging for a unified brand message. Thanks to digital printing, you can alter your order and receive the exact amount of packages you need without paying a special processing fee.

Resealable, Airtight Storage

Your vitamins and supplements require a sealed, safe container for long-lasting use. Protect your products from air, light and humidity with specialty vitamin flexible packaging. These packages can even be designed with child-safe features to ensure that your customers and their families are protected from improper use of your products.

Reduced Shipping Costs

You’ll save at nearly every step of the process. Even after designing and printing your vitamin pouches, the shipping cost of empty pouches delivered to your production facility is dramatically lower than other containers. You and your customers can take advantage of these savings for increased profits and competitive pricing. Select the precise size you need to reduce shipping costs due to generic packaging sizes that don’t match your product.

Differentiated Designs

Your packaging needs to stand out on the shelf. You’ve invested in a strong brand name, memorable logo and detailed information about your product, now deliver that to your customers with vibrant, engaging packaging. Vitamin pouches are not only functional and affordable, they also provide a vibrant packaging system that communicates a professional product.

For more information about vitamin pouches and other flexible packaging options, contact ePac today. Join the latest advances in digital package design and manufacturing and order small, custom orders without paying premium prices.

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