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Get Ready For A Good Night’s Sleep

Many people wish they could go back to a time when every day included a nap. Sleep is something that is so important to one’s health, yet most people do not get enough shut-eye. It’s important to get ready for a good night’s sleep. Once you’re in bed, you can shut your eyes and drift off to your dreams for a restful night.

Get Off The Screens

Many people love to read a good book, scroll through their phone, and watch television before bed. This is fine as long as you aren’t doing too much on the screens. Smart devices like iPads and phones emit blue light rays which can throw off our sleep. It’s best to turn these off an hour before bed so your eyes aren’t working overtime. Give your eyes time to rest and get ready to sleep. Blue light bounces off your eyes giving them more energy which can mess up your sleep patterns. Switch to a book or newspaper if you need something to read right before bed.

The Perfect Mattress

It’s important to invest in the perfect mattress that fits your lifestyle, like the TempurPedic Proadapt Mattress. Some people love the feel of a firm mattress while others want a super soft one. Memory foam mattresses are a good choice for sleepers that want the mattress to mold around their body. Some people love to sleep on a cushioned top that gives them a bit of bounce when they sleep. Others love an adjustable mattress so they can sit up reading before bed then adjust to the best height for them to sleep. It’s also important to change out that mattress every few years. Dust mites build up and an old mattress won’t hold your body properly anymore. Try out a few mattresses before choosing which best fits your body.

Clean Your Room

Cleaning your room may have a lot more benefits than just decluttering the space. Dust mites and bacteria build up in places you probably never even thought of so cleaning these areas is important to the health of your air. Polluted air can lead to sleep deprivation and depression. Dust mites mess with sleep which messes with your REM sleep. The air also needs to smell good so you aren’t subconsciously inhaling rotten air. Anything that interrupts your sleep patterns can hurt your health. It is best to also change the air vent filters, buy air purifiers and even use essential oils to clean the air. If you live in a dry area, consider using a humidifier to put condensation in the air so you can freely breathe.

Get Quiet

It can be hard to relax after a long day, but it’s important to make sure your room is dark and quiet to get ready for bed. Buy blackout curtains so light is not coming into your room. Invest in earplugs if there is outside clatter keeping you awake. When the room is quiet and dark, you’re more likely to get a full night of rest. If you still cannot sleep after 20 minutes of laying still, get up and do something relaxing, then return back to your bed.

Create A Bedtime Routine

Young children thrive on a routine right before bed. It helps get their minds and bodies ready to transition into bed. It’s no different for adults. Create a routine that helps your mind and body do the same thing. Take a bath, read a book, watch a show, etc. Do whatever it is that helps you wind down for the night. Sometimes your schedule may throw off your nightly routine so just start it as soon as you can. Getting ready for bed isn’t always physical as the mental part is just as important to get a restful night of sleep.

Turn Down the Temperature

Everyone has a perfect sleeping temperature. For most people, a colder bedroom helps them sleep best. Most say that temperature ranges from 68 to 75. It’s up to each individual, but colder air will help the air feel crisp and cool as you sleep. Musty, sticky air will lead you to awaken during the night. Sleep with lightweight covers in the warmer months and a heavier blanket in the colder months.

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