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Meet “The King of Cold Pressed Juice”

He left the crowd begging for more at the annual juice conference

Ross Franklin, Founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise on the left with Eric Wettlaufer, CEO of Good Nature on the right

JuiceCon, the annual cold pressed conference took place on November 8th and 9th of 2019 in Miami, Florida.

One of the main speakers at JuiceCon was Ross Franklin, the founder and CEO of Pure Green Franchise. He has been referred to as “The King of Juice” within the industry for the rapid growth and expansion of Pure Green.

During his presentation at JuiceCon, Franklin shared his story of what drove him to start his company Pure Green. He said that his desire to transition the mainstream population into a healthy lifestyle was the driving force he also discussed his decision to move from the fitness industry to the juice bar world by saying “when you consider that roughly 80% of achieving optimal results comes from nutrition and only 20% comes from fitness, making the move from the fitness industry to the juice bar industry was a no-brainer for me. Compared to a 40,000 square foot health club, the 500 square foot juice bar model is much more scalable and effective.”

Franklin spoke about how important it is for entrepreneurs to be mission drive and gave specific strategies to help inspire other entrepreneurs to build and enhance company culture.

Franklin said his mission is:

“To inspire healthier communities by connecting people with performance driven superfoods. Making an impact on people’s health is not an extension of our business, it is our business and it drives everything that we do, from how we source ingredients to who we hire and how we build relationships with our local communities.”

Franklin spoke about the importance of finding your “why” and emphasized that entrepreneurs need to have a specific strategy build solidly on analyzing the market trends within one’s specific industry.

Pictured above Pure Green Upper East Side, 1035 Third Avenue, NY, NY

Franklin’s company, Pure Green Franchise, is the fastest growing juice and smoothie bar franchise in America with a menu that features superfood smoothies, acai bowls, pitaya bowls and cold pressed juice. Pure Green has corporately owned locations in Manhattan, a national wholesale business that is separate from the retail stores and a franchise division that is now exploding in popularity.

The core philosophy of Pure Green is one of health and wellness, and the cold pressed juices and smoothies sold at each location reflect that. Franklin wasn’t interested in building a juice bar franchise just to get rich, but because he has unshakable confidence in the health benefits that come from incorporating superfood smoothies and cold pressed juices into an overall healthy lifestyle.