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Top 4 Exercise for Fat Loss

Machines or called Multi Gym are so vital in concentrating on a certain group of muscles, to gain strength and to shed fat at the same time you have to focus on compound exercises with free weights. Performing this compound exercises under the training of the expert gym trainer can get you incredible results. Here we list you the 4 compound exercises for building strength and losing fat at the same time.


This is a compound exercise of the combination of dumbbell and squat. This activity focuses all in all body and all you need is a couple of hand weights. Start by holding the free weights by your shoulders and remain with your feet shoulder-width separated. Crouch going as low as you easily can, pushing your heels into the ground. As you get to the absolute bottom squat up and press the hand weights legitimately over your head.


Mountain climbers are one of the best result oriented workouts for fat loss. There is no need or rule that you have to be at the gym to perform this exercise.It works on the whole body and is a calorie burner. The more intense the workout is more calories you burn.


An intense workout that targets a whole lot of muscle groups they are an intense calorie burner. This intense workout will increase your body’s natural metabolic activity helping to burn a lot of calories.


The most common and effective bodyweight exercise that targets a hell lot of muscles helping you burn a lot of calories. This bodyweight workout not only helps you to burn calories but also helps you to build strength and physique to your upper body. A most effective workout you can do anywhere at home, at the gym or even at the workplace.

Get all these compound workouts done at the best gym near you under an expert guidance to get the most anticipated result you are aiming for. For a full list of gyms in Dubai – Read our other posts.

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