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4 Benefits of Sleeping on a Copper Pillow

Did you know copper is an essential part of the human body? Copper has many health benefits for people, which includes reducing inflammation and arthritis. It can also help with faster recovery times after sporting events.

The human body does not naturally produce copper, unfortunately. Therefore, people need to get copper from other sources.

One of the newest trends showcasing the numerous benefits of copper is the copper pillow. These pillows supposedly have anti-aging effects such as reducing wrinkles.

Check out these 6 benefits of sleeping on copper.


Copper is essential for forming connective tissue within the body. The structures that support your muscle system are strengthened by the properties found in copper. This helps in bringing relief to sore and swollen joints.

This makes it anti-inflammatory, which in turn helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Athletes have been known to wear copper in their clothing to help relieve joint pain before, during, and after the game, specifically in their socks and wristbands. Putting copper in their socks can even relieve and prevent athlete’s foot.

2.Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial

One of the greatest benefits of sleeping on a copper pillow is its anti-bacterial properties. The copper in the pillow helps prevent bacteria from thriving in your pillow.

Copper prevents bacteria and fungi from growing and developing. Your pillow will stay fresh and clean every time you lay your head down on it.

Similarly, copper is an anti-microbial. Where copper prevents the growth and development of bacteria, it actually kills microbial germs on contact.

Copper has a 99.99% of killing the flu virus per hour on contact. This makes it 1,000 times more lethal than steel to the flu virus. This means you don’t have to worry about getting sick again while you’re sleeping.

3.Improved Blood Circulation

Copper aids in the absorption of iron into your bloodstream from other sources, such as food, into your intestines. It also helps manage the release of the iron into vital organs such as the liver. Through this maintenance of iron in the blood, copper is able to improve the blood flow and circulation.

This also provides a healthy red blood cell count and oxidation for your internal organs.

4.Slows Osteoporosis

Not only can copper help with arthritis but it can also help slow the onset of Osteoporosis in older women. The collagen, which helps build and strengthen connective tissue as well as the bond strengthening properties, makes copper the perfect safeguard against Osteoporosis.

Because Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones in the body, the body needs to get calcium in order to strengthen them. However, as the body tries to find calcium, it will begin to take it from the bones; copper is a great resource to help restore the calcium levels while protecting your bones.

Since Osteoporosis is a very real threat to older women, sleeping on copper may be worth looking into and investing in. While there are medications and treatments for Osteoporosis that can help improve your quality of life, preventing the loss of quality of life in the first place seems better.

Choosing to Sleep with Copper

The benefits of sleeping on copper are numerous and eclectic. Copper has been known to help prevent damage to hair while sleeping and help heal your skin and restore your youth.

Copper has been proven to kill the flu virus on contact at a higher lethality rate than steel. This helps to keep viruses from living in your pillow while you sleep, preventing you from getting yourself sick again. Copper also inhibits bacteria and fungi from growing and developing on your pillow.

With copper pillows, not only will you get a good night’s rest and a clean sleep, but you’ll also stay cool and even stave off Osteoporosis. Copper helps to maintain the iron levels in your blood which promotes improved circulation and blood flow. This helps against anti-inflammation and arthritis as well.

It also helps in the production of collagen, which aids in strengthening the bones, preventing Osteoporosis, and even reducing wrinkles. The benefits of sleeping on copper are undeniable and certainly worth exploring on your own. For more information, you can always do some research online.