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Helpful Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking to spruce up, add more functionality to your bedroom, or just moved into a new home, there’s a good chance that installing a wardrobe will make all the difference to your space. Choosing a new wardrobe also allows you to meet your storage needs. A quality wardrobe is an excellent investment, especially if you want to optimise limited bedroom space. 

The best wardrobe is one that fits your requirements, including style, usage, and budget. Therefore, it is important to follow the tips below to determine the type of wardrobe to get for your bedroom. 

Wardrobe type

One of the first decisions you must make is choosing the wardrobe design that fits your space. Depending on the available area in your bedroom, you can choose between freestanding or fitted wardrobes. A freestanding closet can be easily moved from one corner to another or even to another room. You can take a freestanding cabinet if you plan to move to a new home. On the other hand, a fitted wardrobe is tailored to your needs. If you don’t have plans to move anytime soon, a fitted wardrobe for your bedroom is an excellent investment. Additionally, fitted wardrobes allow you to customise every aspect, including the type of material, colour, size, and other features. 

Wardrobe size

Before choosing the wardrobe design, it is crucial to measure the available floor space in your bedroom. Next, assess your closet to determine the correct height of your wardrobe. It will be easier to hang and organise your clothing pieces if you have a wardrobe that can accommodate longer pieces, such as gowns, coats, and trousers. Ideally, wardrobes for adults can reach 45 inches high, while children’s bedroom wardrobes should be at least 15 inches tall. By rule, your wardrobe should be crafted so that it does not block any source of light and offer adequate space for other bedroom furniture. 

Wardrobe style

With all the wardrobe designs on the market, choosing one that fits your style can be challenging. When selecting a wardrobe style, always keep in mind the colour scheme of your bedroom and the theme of your existing furniture. A wardrobe must complement the rest of your bedroom interior. You want to pick a wardrobe design that looks attractive and is perfectly harmonious with other crucial elements of your bedroom. 

Wardrobe storage options

Decide on the storage space that you need. You have clothing for different occasions; hence your wardrobe must accommodate both long and short pieces of clothing. In addition, your wardrobe must have adequate space where you can hang your clothes and stack them neatly. Drawers are great features as this allows you to keep your clothes organised based on your system. Choose a wardrobe with enough drawers and hanging space for all your clothes. 


There are essential factors that you must remember during your wardrobe selection process. It would be best if you considered these things to narrow your selection to wardrobes that fit your aesthetic, storage needs, and budget.