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Is Your Garden Ready for Summer?

During the summer, people will spend an average of 1-2 hours outside in the sunshine, so it is important that there are nice outdoor spaces to enjoy. When you have guests over in the summer season, it is inevitable that you’ll want to socialize outside, but what if your garden is not up to scratch? Perhaps you’ve spent all winter doing up the inside and neglected your lawn and flowerbeds. Don’t worry, there’s still time to get your garden summer ready. Focus on these four areas to quickly spruce up your yard so that it is ready for guests.

Invest in Furniture

If you don’t have a decent set of lawn furniture, then consider investing in some now. You’ll want to spend a long time out in the garden, so you will inevitably need some places to sit. This could be in the form of a swing, patio sofas, or log benches around a campfire. Also be sure to create shade with retractable awnings to protect guests from the hot sun, so that they’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air for longer.

Clear the Weeds, Plant New Seeds

One of the biggest changes you can make to your garden today simply involves tidying up. Trim back the overgrown bushes, tear up the weeds, and mow the lawn. You’ll be surprised how much more inviting your yard looks after a day of cleaning. Finish this off by refilling flower beds with vibrant colors. This will attract birds and bees, so that your family and friends have easy access to nature.

Water Features

Another way of creating tranquility in your garden is to use water features. A fountain or waterfall creates pleasant sounds which contributes to an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The very presence of water is perfect for summer, since it helps to keep the garden feeling slightly cooler. Bird baths and ponds are great ways to bring wildlife into your home and help to further create a peaceful, yet dynamic garden.

Games for the Kids

If you have kids of your own, or your friends ever bring them over, then summer is the time you need to encourage them to play outdoors as much as possible. There are really endless opportunities to turn your yard into a playground. Draw on a soccer pitch and put up some goals, build a tire swing and hang it from a tree, assemble a trampoline, mark out a bicycle race track, create an obstacle course, build a treehouse, or put up a basketball net. These are the kind of things that turn an average garden into a place where everyone wants to create some summer memories.

Getting your backyard ready for summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a long time. A simple tidy up, some new flowers, a bit of garden furniture and a water fountain will take your garden out of winter mode and turn it into a summer haven. Add some activities for the kids and everyone will be able to enjoy summer in the amazing outdoors.