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5 Chain Design You Must Consider for Your Lady Love

We all know ladies are a bit choosy, and when it is about their partner, they judge and expect a lot. But men should not worry because there is a simple way for your problem to be surely solved. Here are 5 best chain designs for ladies which you can consider for that special someone. Follow these tips and you will find choosing jewelry is a piece of cake.

  • Gold chain with Name or Alphabet:

It is presented like a normal gold chain but it has your name on it. For a lady, her beloved man is always special, and it is okay for men to want their sweetheart to be reminded of them in the best of moments. A gold pendant with a lady’s lover name would be perfect as it is going to make her smile every time she would look on it. This would be admiring. If you don’t like your whole name to be written or your name is longer than 6 alphabets, you can put your and hers initials as well. It will be admirable as well.

  • Infinity love Knot Gold chain:

We always want an expression to show our love to a lover. Men usually find it more difficult. This chain design, for ladies, has made it easier for men. Infinity means uncountable and surely your love for your lady is boundless and unconditional. This pendant will express that every time whenever she will look at it.

  • Platinum plated Gold Chain:

A simple platinum gold chain expresses so much more to your lady of how much value she has in your heart. It is a simple gold chain plated with platinum. Some women do not prefer heavy jewelry on most occasions. This design is perfect for those, so if your lady comes in such category, this should be your go-to design.

  • Stone in a silver chain:

This is a bit cheaper than gold chains designs, but it looks equally beautiful. If you cannot manage a gold chain and you still want to gift her something valuable, this is the one. A silver chain with a stone in it, you should buy for her. Mostly women and men appreciate if you gift them their stone in any wearable thing (either chain or ring). In case you do not want to reveal your present to her, you can give her red, white, or black quartz stone in it.

  • Layered Chain:

Layered chains are always in fashion and ladies love to wear them. It can be in any metal: Gold, silver, or platinum. The layered chain has always two or more than two layers in them. The layers are sometimes simple or have some design on it. Now, it depends on man whether he likes Indian-traditional chain style having little coins or flowers on it, or he likes to make western kind of style; for example, layered chains with stars, moon, or sun on it. There is another design in the layered chain style which is consist of the crescent, half-moon, or full moon made on it.

All in all, these latest designs of gold jewelry, silver chain design, or platinum chain design are based on most of the ladies’ nature. It means if your lady likes simple and decent jewelry or she likes creative jewelry. You should always work according to your lady’s nature to make sure that she would wear it most of the time. In the end, you want to make her feel loved and valued for her existence in your life.