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5 Simple Window and Glass Door Maintenance Tips

If you’ve recently replaced the windows and doors in your home, then you most likely have newer vinyl units that are relatively easy to maintain. Vinyl windows and doors are incredibly sturdy and able to handle the regular wear and tear of the elements over the years, which is why they’re such a great choice when it comes to upgrading.

That being said, it never hurts to perform some regular maintenance on your units just to make sure they are always operating well and looking their best. Here are five real world window maintenance tips that are easy enough to do yourself.

1. Clean them Twice a Year

As a standard rule, sliding door and window maintenance only needs to be done twice a year. That being said, if there is a strong storm that dirties your units or causes debris to get caught in them, it’s best to take care of that straight away.

2. Start by Vacuuming

The first step is to use a soft brush attachment to vacuum up debris stuck in the tracks, sills, and frames of your vinyl windows and doors. Debris like dirt and twigs that gets stuck in these places can prevent your units from working properly and can also cause damage over time.

You’ll also want to check that the drainage or “weep” holes of your units are clear of obstructions both inside and outside of the window frame. These holes are designed to prevent water from entering your home, so you definitely want to make sure they are clear.

3. Choose Your Cleaner Wisely

The glass and vinyl frames of your units don’t need to be washed with a heavy duty cleaner. Abrasive cleaners can actually do more harm than good because they are corrosive and will damage the quality of both the glass and frames.

Instead, use a home solution by mixing a few drops of dish soap with warm water in a large bucket. If you need something a little more heavy duty then mix a few drops of dish soap and half a cup of white vinegar with three cups of distilled water.

4. A Microfiber Cloth Works Best

No matter the cleaner you decide to use, a microfiber cloth works best when wiping down the glass and frames of your windows and sliding doors. All you need to do is dip the cloth into the bucket, ring it out, and then wipe the surface of the glass or frame gently back and forth. You’ll want to work quickly so that the solution doesn’t dry out and stick to the surface.

5. Lubricate Moving Parts

You can also lubricate the moving parts and tracks of your units periodically to ensure their smooth operation. This will help them open and close easier and prevent any wear and tear from the movement.

General purpose non-detergent lubricating oil is readily available at most hardware stores and will provide the best results.

Is it Time for a Replacement?

If your windows and sliding doors are old and broken, then maintenance may not be enough. If your units are damaged beyond salvaging, then it’s time to consider replacing them for the best results.