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What Should You Know Before Moving to Stockholm and Gothenburg

Whether you rent, buy or just hyra lediga lokaler in Swedish cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg you should be having quite an idea about how is the life in these two cities. It is exciting, moving to a new country and Sweden is no exception. Let us start with the things that you need to know before moving to Stockholm and Gothenburg will be discussed next.

Stockholm is Sweden’s most populated city and is at the highest latitude. And following are some of the things to know before shifting there.

  • Accommodation: The home owners tend to take good care of the properties so finding a clean and well maintained house will not be a problem. The apartments are well maintained as well with things like trash, repairs and laundry taken care of while maintaining a tight security. Though the places in Stockholm are expensive and you will be having limited options.

  • Lifestyle: People of Stockholm love the outdoors and carry on with sporting events and barbeques in the warmer months. Long winters is an issue in Stockholm as it remains dark and quiet.
  • Green: Stockholm is one third green space and is one third water. And this makes it interesting as it has a lot of parks and amazing picnic spots. Such activities are enjoyed during the warmer months. But despite it being a famous tourist destination the opening hours to most of the shopping locations are limited and stores and boutiques close by 5pm on Saturdays.

  • Safety: Stockholm boast of low crime rates and is one of the safest cities in Europe. Though the fancier areas of the city face some number of theft and rental fraud is another thing that has been increasing in recent days.

  • Cost of living: The leisure and culture options in Stockholm aren’t expensive. It has low entry costs for museums, parks. Even bicycle rents are low cost. But the cost of living in case of housing, petrol and public transport is pretty high.

  • Schooling: Many bilingual schools and international schools are spread throughout the city. Homeschooling is at its minimum. And the public schools, colleges and universities are among the best in Sweden.

  • Healthcare: With good insurance policies available there are renowned hospitals that boast of good track record in Stockholm. The fees are quite low and hospital work is fast and convenient.

These were some of the basic things to know before moving to the Swedish city Stockholm, let us now look at what we need to know before moving to another Swedish city, Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is over 400 years old and is home to 500,000+ people. It is bigger than one might expect and has stunning coastal beauty with exceptionally friendly population.

Language: The language is Swedish and a vast portion of the population can speak English as well. The local language is quite difficult but one can still try to pick it up from the locals.

Weather: This coastal city receives crisp winters along with sunny summers. There is a lot of rainfall as well and in winters temperatures drop below 4 degrees centigrade. It is swimmable in the summers though.

Public holidays: There are various regional and national holidays here. 6th June is the Sweden National day. And other holidays throughout the year make for an good excuse to be off work and enjoy the extra time.

Some fun facts about the city Gothenburg

  • It is known as “Little London” as many Brits made their fortune here with trade.
  • The population of 500,000 is second largest in Sweden.
  • The mythical story Beowulf is said to be from Gothenburg.
  • Gothenburg can be reached by ferry from UK, Germany and Denmark.
  • The old town Haga still features 10th century stores, cafes and wooden houses.

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