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Top 10 destinations that you must visit when you are traveling to South America

Those who love to travel all around the world must have marked South America in the top ten countries to visit because of its enormous enclave of huge peaks, unnavigable jungles, and ancient civilizations. The continent is made up of with a blend of beautiful nature, bright cities, number of volcanoes, picturesque lakes, lots of species of birds and wild animals and much more. Also, the place is full of loving and caring people who can provide you with the best hospitality and services that can touch your heart forever. To make your trip fantastic; here is a list of South America’s must-visit places.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

If you are planning a holiday to South America, keep some time in hand visiting the breathtaking view of Angel falls of Venezuela. The deepest fall “Salto Angel” also known as Kerepakupai is one of most beautiful and awesome place you will get to experience in your lifetime. Spending time there is worth the natural beauty of this destination. The amazing sightseeing of splendid orchid plants and tropical wildlife view with grasslands, rivers, and mountains full of waterfalls. This is a must-visit destination to experience the versatile natural beauty.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The Incan Kingdom of Machu Picchu with the lavish and outstanding looks makes this place the most famous and best archaeological sites in South America.  The mysterious history of the Incan kingdom makes the place more curious, and the colossal stone walls make this place very attractive for travelers to visit. Machu Picchu is famous worldwide because of it’s unique and extraordinary built and the morning view of sunrise peaks. Earlier, this place was not as prominent as it was hidden in the lush Peruvian mountains, but the travel lovers explored this place as one of the best ancient society to visit.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

f you are a beach lover, who likes to relax and chill at the beaches, Rio De Janeiro is one of the best places in South America. It’s quite soothing watching the shores of Copacabana and Ipanema. Though, the beautiful city has many more things that you must not miss. Tijuca national park and sugar loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, Jardim Botanico, etc. are the places that give you splendid view of natural beauty. Rio De Janeiro is the city that possesses the designation of world’s largest urban forest with magnificent mountains and peaks.

Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador

Ecuador is the city located at the unique geographical location that is the equator and hence, has some unique features. The days and nights both are of equal hours. You will get to see the sunrise at sharp 6 AM and Sunset at sharp 6 PM THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Isn’t it amazing? Apart from this, the biggest attraction of Ecuador is the conical shaped snowy volcano. With such high altitude, the place becomes the best for adventurous activities. The site also offers impressive views of many more volcanoes. If you are going to Ecuador then you should learn more about safety.

El Chalten, Argentina

The location is known for its endless hiking routes. This town is also known as the trekking capital of Argentina because of the huge and beautiful Mount Fitz Roy, and Cerro Torre surrounded with spectacular landscapes. For the hikers, this place is simply a paradise. Along with trekking, another attraction that you can experience the vast Viedma glacier. There, you can take a relaxing cruise, or you can also choose ice trekking to have an amazing unforgettable experience. All these places make El Chalten is a must-visit place in South America.

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world and that what makes it uncommon and special. In Chile, this is a destination that one must not miss. Geysers, Salt flats, huge volcanoes, and spring waters are the main attractions of this place that a hardcore traveler who loves to experience the variety and offerings of nature would definitely mark it as a must visit destination. Here, you get to enjoy a splendid sunset that us just unforgettable. The Atacama Desert deserves the tourist attention as it offers so much unique and awe-inspiring views.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima is the highest tepui in Venezuela. It is a mountain that is shaped like a majestic table located in the south of Venezuela. It is located at the border point of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Mount Roraima is the best place for hikers. By hiking at the top, one can cherish the awe-inspiring scenery of unique rock formations, number of spectacular waterfalls falling from giant cliffs and the fantastic views of vertigo all around. If you are visiting South America, must include Mount Roraima in your list.

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos is a place of Amazonas that makes the place special. Without exploring it, your trip to South America would not be accomplished. If you visit this place, you should have ample time in your hands as the city is only accessible by boat or air transport. Roaming around the city with boat or plane is itself a different thing to experience. You can also experience a group trip to the jungle and can see the wild flora and fauna. The place is a perfect combination of unique market and beautiful jungle life.

Tayrona Park, Colombia

It is one of the most happening and famous places to visit in Columbia. Though, you can hardly find this place less crowded as this is place is very attractive and first choice of tourists. In Tayrona Park you will get everything including beautiful Caribbean beaches, the mirrored beaches of Cabo San Juan, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hammock huts, jungle trip, hiking up into the hills, Ecohabs, a lot of species of birds and what not. All these attractions are enough to grab tourist’s attraction and be their favorite spot.

Cayo Sombrero, Venezuela

The pure white sand, perfectly turquoise water and tropical fishes make the place unique, and a must visit one.  Cayo Sombrero is the most spectacular beach in South America. The special is also unique because you will not find any road, accommodation or residence in that place as nobody lives there. This place deserves your one day to make you thoroughly chill out and relax.

These are the top 10 destinations of South America that one must include in their “places to be visited” list as the uniqueness and splendid beauty along with the adventurous activities they offer makes South America a place, everyone wishes to visit at least once in a lifetime.