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5 Tips to Vacuum More Efficiently

You’ve probably heard of the importance of regularly vacuuming your floors, especially if you have a dog that sheds everywhere or children that drag dirt in from the outside. But if your current vacuuming routine consists of you running your vacuum over your floors whenever you notice that things are looking dirty, you might want to consider switching up your routine. Use the following advice to make sure your floors are as clean as possible!

Keep a Routine

Don’t wait until your floors look dirty before you vacuum. Dirt and allergens become embedded in your carpet – just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. In order to ensure your floors are clean at all times, start a weekly cleaning schedule. You’ll want to make sure vacuuming is on your schedule at least twice a week.

If you’re struggling to get into a routine, create a list of what cleaning needs to happen and when it needs to happen. Some individuals prefer to focus on a different room each day of the week to help make cleaning seem less overwhelming. Once you have your list, stick it on your fridge.

Use the Right Vacuum

There are so many different types of vacuums out there and you need to find the right vacuum for your floors and needs. For example, if you’re looking at vacuum cleaners for pet hair, you’ll want to invest in a good upright vacuum or handheld vacuum. Upright vacuums are designed to be powerful but maneuverable, allowing you to suck up all those pet hairs. Handheld vacuums are great when you need to quickly clean up a small pile of pet hair but don’t want to plug in your large vacuum.

If you’re not sure what vacuum is right for you, reading Cleaner Rookie or talking to a salesperson is a great place to start.

Take your Time

Don’t simply plug your vacuum in and try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Vacuuming slowly allows your machine the time it needs to properly suck up dirt. The best way to vacuum is to run forward and backward over the same section of the floor multiple times. This movement allows any debris trapped within carpet fibers to loosen up. Then, when you run your vacuum forwards for the last time, it’ll pick up everything that was stuck within your carpet.

While you’re vacuuming, you should also pick any small items off the floor and vacuum under them. If you have gaps between your furniture and your floor, run a narrow attachment under the gap. It’s also a good practice to completely move large pieces of furniture every few months and vacuum completely under them. You’d be surprised at how much dirt, hair, and dust gets stuck under your couch.

Use your Attachments

Most vacuums come with a number of attachments that can help you vacuum more efficiently. To reach the dust and dirt that settles onto your baseboards or along the tight corners of your doors, use the crevice tool (this is the attachment that looks like a narrow nozzle). To vacuum the stairs without hurting yourself, use the turbobrush (this is the attachment that looks like a tiny vacuum head).

Some vacuums even come with an upholstery attachment, which you can use to vacuum fabric services. If you have an animal that is prone to jumping up on your furniture, the upholstery attachment will help you get all of the hair that they leave behind.

Clean your Vacuum

Yes, that’s right, your vacuum also needs to be cleaned. If the inner workings of your vacuum are full of pet hair and dirt, it won’t clean as efficiently. If you have a canister, make sure to empty it after each time you vacuum. Don’t wait until it starts overflowing before you dump it, because that dirt will start getting thrown back out onto your floors. If you have a bag in your vacuum, make sure to change it regularly. Bagged vacuums work best when they are less than 50% full.

You can also clean the canister, filter, and base plate of your vacuum. Check the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your vacuum to learn how.

Final Thoughts

Vacuuming regularly gets rid of all the dirt, dust, and other debris that is on your floors. Not only does this extend the life of your floors and make your house look clean, but it also helps to keep you and your family healthy! Not vacuuming regularly leads to bacteria and fungi, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Use the tips above to ensure you are vacuuming properly.

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